A little something I completed…

Hey all. Since not posting for a few days, I decided to upload a picture on here that I had recently finished.

Ragnir's Grief_KoB Ep#10_Bnsillus.png

If the lyrics look familiar, try going to this video for the full song this was based off of.

This is a illustration for the last episode of Arc 1 (Episodes 1-10 of Keepers of Balance). I can’t really go into too much detail for this without giving away MAJOR spoilers, but I promise this is relevant to the series.

…What? You guys are still confused about Keepers of Balance? Well, be confused no more, for a brief summary of the series is this:

“A thousand years ago, there existed a group of people who called themselves the Keepers of Balance, who sought to protect the natural order of Light, Darkness, and Corruption. One day, one of their own betrayed them, and all Keepers were slaughtered–including the Original Keepers of Light and Darkness, whose souls were cursed to wander the Inbetween for all eternity. A thousand years have passed, and the power of the Original Keepers has found its way into new hosts…just as the Traitor has broken out of his thousand year exile, determined to awash the world in Corruption once more.”

It’s a large project that I’ve been working on since I graduated high school back in 2012. I’ve put so much time into this series, that it is my baby, so to speak. Three people, traveling around the world in an RV, finding themselves while also trying to stop the destruction of the world, and the Five Realms (the Inbetween being one of them). Adventure! Magic! Culture! Romance! Excitement! (As seen on TV) Everything I love to write about.

Below is an old drawing of what our main characters look like:
Keepers of Balance--Group Shot

…keep in mind, that’s a fairly old drawing, but I might be able to create an updated version at some point, so keep an eye out for that.

I know I haven’t gotten too many views, but I wanna thank everyone who has come to look on my blog nevertheless. Again, there’s no consistent update schedule yet, but I’ll still try to put up a blog entry every few days.



Author: CasSilber

Aspiring blogger, who also dreams of writing/illustrating/composing music for/publishing her own books (mainly light novels). Don't be afraid to chat--I don't bite!

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