Late Labor Day Post

Sorry about not posting yesterday. Labor Day was very busy at my place of work, and when I got home, I was completely wiped out. I planned to eat, write a post, do some work on KoB, and then stream The Walking Dead game over Steam with a friend of mine. However, I got to the food part…and that was it. I laid down on the couch, put on a random anime in my Hulu watchlist (Food Wars. Not because it’s boring: when I put on a show to fall asleep to, that’s actually a sign that I really like the show itself), and the next thing I knew, I fell asleep. I didn’t wake up till 8pm. *sigh* Oh well. Work was better today, anyways. It was sort of busy, being the first day of school for my area. But at least I’m not completely exhausted. A little tired, but a little Pinnacle vodka will fix that.

Speaking of Keepers of Balance, I don’t have any pictures/screenshots to show you all. I’m sorry about that. The holiday weekend was long and difficult, and it left me rather…unprepared. So, instead, I’m gonna give you all a heads up about some things on working on in KoB:

  • In Keepers of Balance, the Keeper Order (an ancient order of men and women around the world who sought to keep Balance between Light and Darkness) had its own set of runes it used to communicate to other Keepers. Because the members of the three factions of the Order (Keepers, Seekers, and Scouts) are all spread out across the globe, it had to be able to be universal for every language. By the time KoB begins, the Keeper Order has fallen by the hands of the Traitor, and all evidence of the Order and their betrayal has been lost to time. Basically, the world keeps going on, and history proceeds much like the real world (a little more on this later). There was a big tome that translated all of the runes the Keeper Order had ever used. Much of that code has been lost, but the remaining Seekers (or rather, descendants of the surviving Seekers) have managed to recover and translate some of the runes. I have them written down on paper…but I need to put them in a digital format, so that way they’re immortalized.
  • I’m trying to finish up Episode #10, and finish off the Arc in general. Once I get Ep#10 sorted out, I plan on going over the Arc and polishing up the Episodes. I also have five Bonus Episodes for Arc 1 that I want to get to. Two of them are done, and I’ve been struggling with the third. If I can get all 15 episodes polished and edited, then I might be able to start publishing them on Amazon Books.
  • I plan on drawing one major scene from each Episode to put in the published edition as well. I also want to post them on here and on my deviantart page. …Yeah, my drawing skills do need work, but that doesn’t mean I can gather some concept art now.

I would like to actually be able to record a video or two and post it on YouTube. I will never be able to get them monetized, now, because of YouTube’s Newest Shit Show, basically killing one of my dream careers…godfuckingdamnit.

Anyways, I hope you all had a good and safe holiday, and once again, sorry for the late post. Still, I hope you all have a beautiful day, and I’ll see you all tomorrow.



Author: CasSilber

Aspiring blogger, who also dreams of writing/illustrating/composing music for/publishing her own books (mainly light novels). Don't be afraid to chat--I don't bite!

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