Full Moonday

Happy Moonday (Monday) everyone. This is actually gonna be a bit of a long post, mostly because I have not only KoB progress to show, but also stuff happened yesterday and today that I feel would be kinda funny to talk about.

Lets get Keepers of Balance out of the way, first. I’m still working on Ep#10, and in the middle of collabrating a fight scene with my husband for the episode, as well as working on what happens after the current fight (honing down dialogue, brainstroming, ect). I know screenshots of MSWord aren’t very interesting, but with my lack of Clip Studio Paint, it’s the best I can do.


My husband’s writing style and my writing style is actually different, and I haven’t formatted this part to match my writing style, yet…but this one of the fights that happens within the episode.

Something else I’d like to show you all too: the main antagnoist’s weapon.

I can’t reveal his name yet, but I’ll tell you what I originally called him: Break. When re-writing Arc 1 for the first time, I decided Break needed a different name. I like coming up with names, but it is always a challenge for me to find names that fit. I thought about Corruption: the force that–if left uncontrolled or is controlled by the wrong person–could bring about the end of the world…wiping everything away, physical and metaphysical alike. Nothing would exist–it feeds on energy–Natural or otherwise, no matter what elemental state it’s in.

This person used to be a Keeper, then he betrayed the Order to delve deeper into the art of Corruption, desiring to wipe the world and its Five Realms clean. Of course, he didn’t succeed…but a thousand years of planning, patience, and rage might give him an edge.

The inspiration for the name came from not only Fenrir–the being who will bring about the end of the world; but also from Ragnarok…also known as the end of the world itself.

As aforementined, he used to be a Keeper, meaning he had the ability to control some of the elements, and a weapon he could summon (all Keepers had one). I always wanted Break to dual-weild, but I was stuck on what would be his weapon for the longst time.

…then I found THESE on Amazon:


Break is actually from Norway (keep in mind: Keepers came from all parts of the globe), so I have to find a way to improve the base design…but I think this is a good start, otherwise.

Oh, see that silver dot near the top of the blade? Those are magnets! I thought it was so cool when I discovered those could be magnetically linked together! My mind flashed with images of Break fighting with these–one blade of Corrupted Light, the other of Corrupted Darkness. They could easily become medium range, and could even return to its twin blade. Here, this picture might help you get an idea:


Because Break is from Norway (and techinally a different era of time altogether), I’m thinking his swords would look like Viking swords, except maybe sleeker. I’m also wondering if his Corrupted Self (Break) would have slightly weapons from his original Keeper Self (not revealing the name yet).

Sorry I went into a ramble there, but I couldn’t have been happier to find these swords.These are beautiful weapons, and I’m glad I got to take pictures of them.

Anyways, that’s all the KoB updates for now. Now…something kinda…weird, I guess happened at work today.

Ever get those customers? The ones that send off such an…odd vibe, that you suddenly begin to feel unsafe around them?

Well, this one techinally wasn’t a customer. No, he was…a bum, I guess. He wandered into the shop, and just awkwardly started fiddling around with the chairs. He then stood in front of the counter, just barely in front of the cash regrister. When more people came in, he decided to move from the regrister and drift right in front of the sandwich-making area. I couldn’t hear what he said, but from my co-worker’s response (gonna call her Red), he must’ve asked her for money. She told him no and asked him to leave (he had been hanging around for a good ten minets, by this point). He shuffled out the door and I couldn’t help but think one thing:

~Oh Gods, how did we not get mugged!?~

I don’t mean to be rude, but…*shiver* it wasn’t pleasant.  I was kinda happy he left.

Anyways, this was a long post, but I’m kinda happy about that. I’d been looking forward to writing this post all day, and even more excited to get back to work on KoB. I’ll see you all again on Wednesday, but until then…I think I’ll make more spaghetti–I’ve been having a monster craving for it lately, and it’s almost all I’ve eaten for the past few nights.


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