You Spin me Right Round, Baby, Right Round~

Hey everybody. Guess who has a hangover! The reason why I named the title that because my fucking head has been spinning ever since I woke up and crawled out of bed.

Despite this, though, yesterday was amazing. The food was good, despite some setbacks with the grill, and it was kinda fun seeing everybody standing in the kitchen, eating, drinking, and overall having a good time. I slammed my way through some hard cider and several shots, so a hangover for today was inevitable.

Anyways, enough about me. I don’t really have anything to show you except for a cool piece of fanart for KoB that one of my friends did for my birthday a few years back. After that, I do have something Keepers-related that I wanted to discuss, so head down below the picture to find out what it is.


Anyways, I mentioned a little bit about Corrupted Creatures on Wed, and I decided to talk a little more about them in today’s post.

First off: What is Corruption? Well, while Natural Energy gives, Corruption takes. It’s often described as a poison or something like that. It eats and consumes Natural Energy in all forms, and the more it consumes, the more powerful it becomes. There’s also Corrupted Light, Corrupted Darkness, Corrupted Fire, etc, etc, which is thew Corrupted Energy taking different forms in the way Natural Energy can.

There is Natural Corruption–mostly inside of people, and could increase depending on the person’s choices. For example, if you murder someone–regardless of it’s in cold blood or not–your level of Natural Corruption will increase. Of course, you’ll gather more Corruption if you murder in cold blood, but you get the idea.

The Traitor found a way to tap into a person’s Natural Corruption, and increase it, Corrupting them in turn. He would either keep them human enough for them to carry out his plans underneath his eye…or he would take it a step further, and get the person’s Light or Darkness involved.

Everybody has a small bit of both within them, but one is always stronger than the other. There are people who have a lot of Light, and people who have a lot of Darkness. If Break didn’t take one (or both) from someone, he would turn them into either a Shade (Corrupted Darkness) or Glare (Corrupted Light).

Shades and Glares consume the human they possess, and if they’re not cleansed quickly enough, the Corrupted Form will take over the person’s body, mind, and will, for eternity. What a Shade/Glare will look like will depend on the person itself…or, more accurately,  will be a combination of animals the person identifies with.

For example, a man could identify with Light over Dark, so he’ll become a Glare. As for the Glare’s actual appearance, that depends on his spirit animal(s) or something like that. Let’s say, for this example, his “spirit animals” are a bear, and a dog. Ergo, his Glare will look like a combination of a bear and a dog. I kinda wish I had a better explanation for this, but that’s basically how it works.

Corrupted Creatures aren’t always Shades or Glares. One of the first Corrupted Creatures that came into existence is a creature known as the Eiturvas. In fact it was the first Corrupted Creature that Break ever created. It served him loyally and faithfully, up until Break was sealed within the Inbetween. It then spent the next thousand years wandering the earth, gathering Corruption…and waiting for the return of its master.

Anyways, that’s everything I have to say about the subject for today. If I seem all over the place with this, then I apologize…it took me longer to write this, and my head’s still killing me. I think I’m gonna go start up some laundry and eat something. Have a good weekend, everybody, and I’ll see you all on Monday!



Author: CasSilber

Aspiring blogger, who also dreams of writing/illustrating/composing music for/publishing her own books (mainly light novels). Don't be afraid to chat--I don't bite!

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