Rainy, yet not Dreary

Happy Hump Day, everybody! As promised, I have a screenshot of Ian Hawthorne’s profile ready for you guys to look at, so let’s just jump right into it, shall we?

Screenshot (7).png

Again, I blocked out a few things to prevent spoilers. Sorry guys–some things you’re gonna have to wait a while…until I deem fit to reveal it in a blog post, or until the actual books are published. Anyways, as it says here, he has had previous encounters with Corruption–he’s been traveling around the country longer than Rachael (and even Oracle), already aware of the threat looming over the world, and knowing that Corruption was at the source. He’s also traveled with other people before, too. Other people he had met who would listen to his claims, and agreed to try to help him stop that.

Where are they? Well….about half of them are dead–having been killed while out in the field. The others couldn’t take the strain/pressure/metaphysics and left on their own accord. Ian dropped them off back home, of course…but it still had an effect on those who survived.

Because of this, he’s afraid of losing anyone else…and he also doesn’t like the pain of losing someone. So between this and his own upbringing, he can be rather cold and distant. However, once he finds people he can be loyal to, or people he cares about, his loyalty is unbreakable. He can be patient, but once enraged, his cold fury engulfs and freezes over all. So far, I think he makes a great contrast to Rachael Hale.

Anyways, Oracle’s is the profile that’s the most blank, so I’ll have to churn out some work on her. I really hope to someday post decent character sheets and what not on here…but my drawing skill needs some work before I feel comfortable enough doing that. However, I go have a scattered collection of cute doodles I did, so I hope to splice the non-spoilery ones on the same file and post them here.

Anyways, tomorrow is my husband and I’s 4-year anniversary, so we’re spending tonight doing something….fun. Sadly, neither one of us have a lot of money to go out yet, so I might work on Oracle’s profile tomorrow, as well as installing the programs I’ve received. However, my next big task for today: back up ALL of the KoB files onto OneDrive, just in case something happens and my microSD card is fried. *shudders* Enough of that thought–I have a lot of work to do. Have a beautiful day!



Author: CasSilber

Aspiring blogger, who also dreams of writing/illustrating/composing music for/publishing her own books (mainly light novels). Don't be afraid to chat--I don't bite!

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