Completed Trio

Hey everyone. Happy Friday to you all. I hope you all had a good week, despite whatever weather is going on wherever.

Anyways, as promised, I have finished Oracle’s character profile, thus completing the profiles for the main characters. Let’s jump into that before I mention anything else:

Screenshot (8).png

(Ignore the Steam message down in the right-hand corner. Was chatting with a friend when I took the screenshot)

Anyways, Oracle was the last person that volunteered to travel with Ian before they met Rachael. She was his most loyal follower, staying with him even when things went wrong one day. She’s…kind of a ghost, now, but with the help of a witch doctor in New Orleans and some magic (and help within the Leylines neither Ian nor Oracle was aware of), Oracle’s soul was bound to a big sapphire-blue Orb, and she was able to materialize into a tangible form. It took her a while to learn her new form, but by the time the series starts, she’s gotten the hang of her new form. She’s essentially made out of Natural Energy, and has learned to control it. She can even go inside the EVE’s computer systems by going back into her Orb. Hell, she powers the damn RV.

I guess I’ll take a moment to explain what the EVE is. It’s a large RV. And I mean a HUGE RV. Oracle built it herself, planning on getting away from her overly demanding parents. She met Ian very shortly after it was finished, and they left her family home in Michigan in the EVE (btw, yes–all three were born and raised in Michigan).

Despite her disability, she tries her hardest to do everything and anything she can to help Ian (and later Rachael), becoming a very good friend to them both. Sometimes, if Ian and Rachael are unable to step up, Oracle fills in for them. She’s able to keep a level head, so if tensions between Ian and Rachael are high, then she can step in and calm everybody down, bringing them together again to come up with a solution. However, she has a fear of failure, and is worried about earning the approval from those she loves and cares about…and she definitely doesn’t want to fail her closest friends. She’s very intelligent (she has an IQ of 125), and is a Jack of all Trades kinda girl…but the thing she loves and is her passion is making clothes. She loves to design and make clothes, even paying her own way through college for it (against her parents’ wishes).

Something important to mention: if Oracle’s Orb breaks, then she will lose her connection to the Leylines, and her soul will eventually fade away (aaand I just realized I forgot to put down that she can levitate multiple objects, too).

Anyways, onto my whole program situation: I have Clip Studio Paint reinstalled on my system, as well as a screen capture program that I have yet to test out. We were unable to get the video editing software installed, but hopefully my buddy’s gonna come up with a solution for that soon.

Anyways, that’s it from me today. I had a great day, yesterday. Got my ass handed to me in both Yu-Gi-Oh AND Call of Duty (Black Ops II), but it was still a fun night. Now I just wanna relax and play some KIngdom Hearts. Have a good weekend, everybody!



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