Burning the Midnight Oil

Gute nacht, everyone. Today’s Wednesday (probably Thursday, by the time you’re reading this), meaning that tonight’s another beautiful night for an all-nighter! Below is just a screenshot of my desktop for the night, then I have something interesting to blether about just below that–mostly involving religion in KoB.

*watches as everyone flees the blog post in panic*

….*sigh* So PC…


So, on Monday, I mentioned that I was supposed to attend a Pagan Full Moon Ritual that evening. I did, and…well, it was actually very interesting.

Before going into the ritual area, we were asked a question. If we answered “no” to the question, then we were allowed entry. After everyone was inside, we all stood in a circle. That night, because of the supermoon, we had ten gods walking among us: two from each quarter, and two from the center (North, South, East, West, Spirit), calling Friga and the All Father (Odin) when Spirit was called forth (Thor and Sif were East–I felt something there, since I connect with Thor most. I like storms and lightning). We then chanted a word, and we got louder and louder, the buzzing of the energy around us intensifying. Finally, we pushed it into the altar, dismissed the gods, and ended the ritual. We were allowed to place objects on the altar for cleansing, and we could leave things there as “sacrifices”. I didn’t leave a sacrifice, but I placed one of my opaline beads onto the altar for cleansing, putting it back in a small pouch I have afterwards.

How did I feel about it personally? Well, I have to say, looking at it from a writer’s perspective, it was very interesting. It made me think about how I wanted to blend religions together in KoB. The Keeper Order was made up of people from all around the world–a blend of different cultures and religions coming together to achieve a single goal: spread balance, tolerance, and peace around the world. This gave me insight and ideas about how it could work–and, thanks to a tapestry hanging up by the altar, I now know the Pagan names of the season solstices and equinoxes for all four seasons: Ostara is spring, Litha is summer, Mabon is fall, and Yule is winter. This is critical for KoB, and I’m very glad I had access to this information. The temple also has a nice library, which is, again, very useful. If I do decide to return, it’ll be for the library.

Looking at it from my own viewpoint, I had rather mixed feelings about it. I’m not comfortable with rituals, or chanting. However, I couldn’t deny that I actually got into it, and felt the energy buzzing in the air the entire time. Before and after the rituals, I was very quiet–I’m not very good at socializing, and I tend to freeze up around people I don’t know. I was like a ghost the entire time. I feel a little bad about it, but I feel like I’ll open up to everyone eventually. Everyone seemed really nice and cool, and I have a feeling that I might have some useful resources there.

In short, do I plan to go back? Yes, actually, if only for the full moon rituals. I won’t be a regular member, but I wouldn’t mind going back every once and a while.

*notices that everyone is still gone*…and that’s why I talk to myself. Anyways, that’s all for tonight–I’ve gotta get back to editing. See you all on Friday, and have a bella note!


Author: CasSilber

Aspiring blogger, who also dreams of writing/illustrating/composing music for/publishing her own books (mainly light novels). Don't be afraid to chat--I don't bite!

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