The Last Day of November

Hey all!

I’m excited to get to my weekend. Can’t do an all-nighter tonight, because of our house viewing tomorrow morning, but that doesn’t stop me from getting some KoB stuff done.

Truthfully, I’ve been doing a lot of editing lately. After finishing with Episode #5, I felt like I was getting tired and bored of the editing process, and I missed drawing, so I decided to take a break from it and re-draw a Bonus Illustration for the episode that I last worked on a couple of years ago.

With the aid of a Huion light-box (a great investment of $40-$60) and multiple pieces of paper (as well as valued input from my husband, despite not being as much of an artist as I am), I managed to turn a very old piece of work into something that I’m actually proud of. I just finished with the pencil line-work, and am working on the ink pen lines. Once those are done, I’ll scan it into the PC and probably call it a night, since I have an early day tomorrow…but mayhaps tomorrow night, I’ll be able to work on it. Hell, if I’m lucky, I might get the digital line-work done tonight.


Anyways, I’m gonna get back to it. One of the upsides of being a jack-of-all-trades kind of woman: if you get stuck in one aspect, then simply switch to another, and soon, you’ll find yourself invigorated and motivated. Downside: you often worry about things in more than one area, and can find yourself overwhelmed. Learn to juggle all of your trades. That’s a lesson worth learning.

UPDATE: Got the line-art penned and scanned. Check it out below!




Author: CasSilber

Aspiring blogger, who also dreams of writing/illustrating/composing music for/publishing her own books (mainly light novels). Don't be afraid to chat--I don't bite!

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