Busy Moonday

Just as the title says, my day has been kinda busy.

The best place to start would be my work day. I had a lot of things to do today, but between me, my co-worker on shift today, and the luck of the day, we managed to get all of it done, plus some. We have a big order tomorrow, but I even managed to do some of the prep work for that, too. I only hope the person “in charge of the order” of it remembers that I did half of the work for him, and hopefully, I don’t walk into chaos tomorrow morning. However, I doubt that the work I did will be worth anything, so because no other place will hire me at $9.50/hour, I have to stick with it.

I’ve been editing Episode #10 and working on other KoB-related stuff. Because of my mostly-organized KoB-Inspiried musical playlist, my mind has been more tuned into KoB than anything else.

This week, I don’t plan on having an all-nighter. My weekend was worse than hell (thanks to the mismanagement, and the hellish bad luck I seem to have, the nice weather, and not one, not two, but three separate conventions going on in the same fucking state, plus some emotional, personal shit that I’m not willing to recall here), and plus I’m not looking forward to the rest of my week.

Might as well get this out of the way: I loathe my job. I’m not good at pretending to be nice to strangers I could care less about, and I never wanted to be in the food service business. Working with my husband only made things worse, cause I feel even more pressure. I’m not good enough to be able to stay at home and write/draw/make music for a living, and I’m not good enough to make myself a Pateron so I can be financially stable to stay home and work on Keepers of Balance, plus other series/stories I plan to do. I don’t know what to do…but I also know the standard of living has increased over the past few years, meaning that I no longer make enough money to live by myself without moving into the wrong side of 8-mile.

Regardless, I am but a small piece of a larger portion, and…I dunno, anything to help me get through this.


Author: CasSilber

Aspiring blogger, who also dreams of writing/illustrating/composing music for/publishing her own books (mainly light novels). Don't be afraid to chat--I don't bite!

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