Power Friday

I’ve got to say, Power Rangers was a fun movie. It was well-paced, had good characters, and was well directed. I recommend it to any Power Rangers fan (my husband) and any non-Power Rangers fan.

Anyways, as promised, I have the Sub Elements side of the Waking Stage for their Awakening. The previous post is listed here, so this will cover the Sub Elements and Corruption.


  • Physical: Much like Earth, those who Awaken with Metal will start to adapt a more solid build. Like with Earth, their bones will harden. A desire to exercise will emerge, causing their bodies to become toned out. Their movements might be either a touch swifter or a touch slower, depending on the person, but they will become more precise and sharp, like metal itself. Their movements may range from more firm and precise, to bulky and powerful.
  • Behavioral: They will become more firm and stubborn. They may also appear quite cold. At times, they might also be often lost in thought—reflective, even. They can be sharp, and a little aggressive. They will begin to have an odd affixation for magnets.


  • Physical: They will become thinner, and for some, paler. Their movements will become sharp and precise. For some, their core body temperature will lower, and their skin may even feel It’s been noted that their eyes will adapt a certain ice-like sheen (though, it’s been so subtle that nearly no one has ever noticed). Their movements may become rigid as well.
  • Behavioral: They may come off as harsh or cold during the time of their Awakening. Maybe even a little distant. At times, they will desire to be alone. Excessive heat will make them uncomfortable. If they are in an area with a lot of snow, they will desire to be outside (sometimes, in little to no clothing), meditating or, at times, just playing in it. Even if the weather outside isn’t cold enough for them, they will do all they can to make sure the room they’re in is cold and chilly. They may seem a bit standoffish, even to their Partner Keeper, but if you anger them, they will instant respond with, more often than not, a chilly dismissal.


  • Physical: Thin, agile, quick, and precise. The body will change to help with these aspects. Their limbs might also become looser, and more flexible. Lightning is also aggressive in nature. Their movements may become more aggressive. Like with Fire Keepers, they’re movements will have more power behind them, but if you anger them, they might start to loose control.
  • Behavioral: They may become impatient and a little quick-tempered. They may also become more observant. During stormy weather (especially where lightning strikes are frequent), they will refuse to be kept inside (this has led to more than a few Lightning Keepers getting struck by lightning. They came out just fine, of course). Once they set their mind to something, they will do it, and do it as quickly as they can. As stated before, if you get them mad, they will lose some control, much like Fire Keepers.


  • Physical: Much like their solid counterparts, Wood Keepers will start to become bulkier, stockier, and more burly. Their movements, while a little slower, will have immense strength behind them.
  • Behavioral: They are arguably more patient than the rest of the Elemental Keepers. It takes time for plants to grow. Solutions don’t always come instantly. They will hate being contained indoors, and would prefer to be in thick, wooded areas, such as forests and the like. Some will start to become avid gardeners, keeping plants of all kinds in their living spaces (this made living with a Fire Keeper difficult, as they would have an urge to set anything flammable on fire, despite not having their powers yet).


  • Physical: There aren’t really too many noticeable changes to the physical body when Awakening with Corruption. Most common is a desaturation of the hair and skin. They will often look tired and angry. One thing that is always common is the blood-red color the eyes will change to. It wouldn’t happen all at once: the eyes will slowly and subtly change from their original color to red, usually starting from the outer iris and growing inwards.
  • Behavioral: They will begin to grow aggressive and distant, taking an unusual amount of satisfaction in negative emotions and other people’s sufferings. They will grow more violent and manipulative. They will only begin to care for themselves, taking the first opportunity they can to abandon their family, friends, loved ones…even their partner Keepers.

I hope to have more on the Dream Stages of the Awakening process next week. In the meantime, stay safe, and have a good night!



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