Of Cat Baths and Accidents

Ugh…If there is one thing I hate about Skyrim, it’s the long quests. For those who are unfamiliar with the game, it’s a very open-world. You can go almost wherever you want, and if certain skills are high enough, you can do whatever you want, and even get away with it! Recently, I gave up on a “vanilla” playthrough of the game and decided to add mods to my current character. I got a very special follower (who shall remain with me for all eternity, and all hail Sithis). and started the main quest…but decided to drop it and went with the “Dawnguard” DLC quest line instead. Both the main and Dawnguard quest lines are long, drag on forever, and have little worth in rewards. The only reason why I’m considering doing the Dawnguard quest is because of the sweet, sweet bow I get close to the end. And even then it’s still not entirely worth it.

I also decided to give Annabelle a bath. He wasn’t very pleased with me. Though now he is dry, and has decided to stop ignoring me…for the most part.

I’ve gotten OBS Studio to work for me again. Still having problems streaming to Twitch itself, though. I still might be able to

Niax (my husband) and myself have started the first part of our Dungeons and Dragons adventure. So far, we met in a fighting ring. I wandered in there to place a bet, while he willingly signed up to get some answers about a rumored underground animal abuse ring. We were forced in the team brackets together, and fought two rounds. Well…let’s just say, the dice weren’t entirely in my favor…but I did manage to almost kill nearly ever opponent I faced. It’s not recorded, but that’s mostly because of technical difficulties. We’re gonna try again next week.

I spent a few hours the other night trying to come up with an emblem for myself–let alone a good banner for this blog.

Anyways, sorry this took a bit. Another project decided to rear its head, so I gravitated to that instead. Until next time, everyone!



Author: CasSilber

Aspiring blogger, who also dreams of writing/illustrating/composing music for/publishing her own books (mainly light novels). Don't be afraid to chat--I don't bite!

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