Sunday Something-or-Other

Wow. I dunno if it’s the amount of stress and emotional bullcrap me and the hubbs have been going through (more on that later) or whatever, but I have remembered the reason why I usually try to avoid posting on the weekends. Not only because I usually don’t get much KoB work done on the weekends (despite my best efforts to stay awake after I get home), but also because weekends are usually longer, and more draining on all levels. Ever so often I’ll have an interesting Saturday post (and rarely a Sunday one) but I feel like it’s kinda wasted due to my fatigue.

Above, I mentioned that I usually don’t get too much KoB work done on the weekends. That, sadly, holds true for this week. Today is the first day I’ve turned on my Surface since Friday. However, I discovered when I got home today (which was less than half an hour ago, by the time this post goes up), that I had left both my wireless keyboard and mouse on over the weekend. Oops. Both still work, obviously, but not good for battery life…

Anyways, real quick. I wanna bring up something only because it may interfere with my posting schedule. And because I know a few of the people who read this (and because I yap too damn much), I’m gonna keep it brief (although they may already know what’s up). Our lovely, wonderful, kinda dumb but kinda sweet dog has hit “that stage”. When Niax and I returned home last Thursday, we found him in a pretty bad state, and he hasn’t been able to recover since. Since then, he hasn’t really eaten much, is much less active, and even has a hard time going up and down stairs and beds. We’ve made an appointment with a vet, but…we fear that his time is coming soon. Niax is trying hard to come to grips with things (he…doesn’t handle grief well), and I’m trying to be there for him, keep calm and collected myself, find time to write, deal with work, staving off past memories of my dearly departed cat, trying not to strangle the thing closest to me, dealing with shitty attitudes almost every fucking hour of every fucking day-!!

*takes deep breath*

…It’s stressful. I love our doggo. Not as much as Niax does, but I’ve known him for almost as long as I’ve known Niax. I’m not a fan of dogs, but I do have a fondness for our fuzzball. So I’m trying to remain calm and level-headed, for the sake of our wonderful puppy and my wonderful husband. So, when the time comes, I may be taking off a few days or so to try to help Niax cope with it all.

Aaaand with that said, I’m off. Wish us luck, and with any luck, I’ll talk to you all on Monday!


Author: CasSilber

Aspiring blogger, who also dreams of writing/illustrating/composing music for/publishing her own books (mainly light novels). Don't be afraid to chat--I don't bite!

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