The Night Before

The first day and night of summer was fun. A good night, spending time with good friends. Thought some more things out with KoB. Hopefully, I can sort some more things out while away.

Clothes are mostly packed, got my camera batteries charging, and I had to order a new cord for my Surface Pro 3. Cat got to it several months back, and it’s been holding on for a while…but today, it kept short-circuiting out on me. I’ve fixed the problem for now, but if the cord doesn’t get here by 9pm tomorrow, then I may be out of luck.

Short post, but I need to head to bed soon, anyways. Long day tomorrow, as usual. Tensions are running high. Night, all.




Last night, I had a major epiphany.

I was up really late last night, thinking about story elements for Keepers of Balance, and my possible upcoming college courses. I’m eager to soak up all of the knowledge that they will offer me, and apply those lessons to KoB. This led me to making an important decision that I probably should of thought of ages ago:

I will NOT try to publish Keepers of Balance until I’ve completed my degree at Full Sail University (or whatever school I choose).

I’ve thought this over a lot, and once I decided to take this vow, I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my chest. With that out of the way, I have to make another announcement that I think will be better if I put it like this:

  • Arc 1: Awakening = 15 Episodes
  • Arc 2: Pursuit = 15 Episodes
  • Arc 3: Equilibrium = 20 Episodes
  • Final Episode Count: 50 Episodes

Yep, you’re seeing this right. After a lot of thought (and slight loopiness from the lack of sleep), I decided that 30 Episodes just wasn’t enough to build proper character development (especially building the relationship between the characters), and the more I thought about it, the more ideas that started flashing by inside my mind. Plus, some of the Bonus Episodes I had planned seemed to do much better as regular Episodes, giving me more to play with and mold. I still want to have some extra content, but they will probably just be random one-shots either going into a character’s past or a a day in the life of Ian and Rach. This means now…now, Arc 1 isn’t complete anymore, and I’ve got a lot of work to do, changing episode numbers and the like. I feel daunted, but I think this will work out for the best.

Always remember: Everything works out in the end. If it not, then it’s not the end yet.



The one where I almost forgot to make up a title

Happy Free Comic Book Day, guys!

My husband and I stopped at a local comic book shop. I didn’t get anything (I prefer manga and they had an incomplete arc for My Little Pony. I don’t like buying incomplete arcs), but Niax walked out with some spoils of his own. We stopped by a local novelty store where I got small presents for him, myself, my brother, and my dad (yes, I AM typing this post on the go). We’re on our way to a restaurant that’s supposed to be closing down soon…or, so, the rumors have gone.

Anyways, what’s going on this week? Well…I’m not too sure. The D&D session is up the air, and I didn’t get as much done as I’d hope over my “weekend”.

As for your weekend, I hope it’s a better one for you all.



This was a weird week. Sunday we were short-handed, and yesterday, Niax was sick, leaving us down a person until 9am. I haven’t been feeling all too good myself, but nothing has hit yet, so we’ll see. I think it might mostly be due to the fact that I haven’t been sleeping well. Not like I sleep well when May rolls around.

Anyways, tomorrow’s gonna be a busy day. I shifted my All-Nighter from tonight to Thursday night. Why? Well, I have a ride up to the store early tomorrow morning, Niax and I want to clean the living room, and our D&D session with our DM is (hopefully) tomorrow. So yeah, tomorrow’s gonna be a busy day.

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you guys will know that I have managed to get a very rough draft of the logo I want to use for this blog. It looks a little something like this:

UnheardSilver_banner sketch

I’m still not 100% sure on it, but I’m gonna try to lay it out in Manga Studio anyways, just to get a feel for it.

*sigh* Goddamnit, OneDrive. Just….just stop. Please.

Anyways, tomorrow night’s main project is editing the second Bonus Episode of Arc 1. After that, I plan on taking a break from Keepers of Balance for the month…at least, when it comes to editing. As suggested by my husband, Niax, I’m going to hold off editing Episode #3 for now. Besides, I have another Bonus Episode to work on, anyways. Rather…three more.

I had a photo from my zoo trip on Friday that I wanted to show….but now I can’t bloody find it. Of course.

Anyways, I will talk to you all on Friday. I’ll probably be tweeting my progress all night tomorrow night, and I might even do a small stream. I miss streaming.


Getting There

Hey guys.

Today’s been pretty fair, so far. Working on some laundry, hanging out with a couple of people from work. My husband’s made us a nice drink that we decided to call “Te Fiti”, after the Goddess of Creation, according to the Polynesian islands. It has pineapple juice, some Svedka Strawberry Lemonade, Captain Morgan’s Pineapple Rum, and coconut rum. Very tasty.

Anyways, for those who saw my Tweets from last night, I have started work on Bonus Episode #3 from Arc 1. I’m excited to start work on the Bonus Episode.

I know this is short, but it’s all I really had for tonight. Last night was fun. Hopefully I can finish editing Episode #2 soon.


Of Hard Days and Anxieties

Gods today was rough. Still is. At a friend’s birthday party, and I’m still riding a bad anxiety attack (doesn’t help that I don’t know most of the people here). Feels like I’m about to fall apart at any moment.

Still unsure about plans tonight. Might be best if I got some real sleep tonight.

Got another microphone in the mail. It’s supposed to be a conference mic. I need to test it out properly. Hopefully it’ll work okay.

I might have my All-Nighter tomorrow night, when I’m not stressed as all hell. Until Friday, have a good day, guys.


Goddamnit, not again…This is starting to become a bad habit of mine. Let’s see if I can get back on track, shall we?

I am very close to completing the editing for Episode #2. I only have about 20 or so more pages till the end of the Episode. I don’t have too much more research to do for Bonus Episode #3–just confirming dates and such. I’m thinking about editing Bonus Episodes #1 & #2 before editing the rest of the Arc so I can publish them here to tide you guys over (and make up for the lack of interesting content). Not sure if I’m gonna do an All-Nighter, yet. Playing this one by ear.

My buddy and I are still setting up the D&D stream. We just got done making our characters and we’re working on equipment. There’s a few more things we gotta do for our characters, but more or less, they’re established.

I’m starting to get into a Skyrim kick again, so I’ll probably be playing in my downtime. If I do have an All-Nighter tomorrow, I’ll probably kick out a short stream of Skyrim to de-stress before I start.

Also, I have a confession: I actually have a copy of the popular indie game, Undertale. It was given as a gift to me some time ago, and sadly, I haven’t gotten the chance to fire it up, yet. I don’t know too much about the game itself, however, I am in love with the game’s music, which has been remixed and remastered by several other people. My favorite is Spider Dance, by GameChomps & Holder. LISTEN TO IT. LISTEN TO IT NOW.

I plan on using this to my advantage. I’ve been getting a craving to play it, but I also wanna stream it and record my reactions to the game. I think I can get it to work on the Surface, and with OBS Studio (provided by the same guy who gave me Undertale) and my built-in webcam, I think it might be a fun stream. I don’t have everything 100% planned out, yet, but when I’m certain I have the time, I’ll let you guys know via here and Twitter.

The weather’s been getting better and better up here. Hopefully the rain stay away for a bit. My husband and I wanna have a picnic soon. Enjoy the fact that Spring has Sprung! And before I forget: Happy Belated Easter!!