Vacation Aftermath

The vacation was awesome. Not only did I enjoy myself, but my family seemed to accept Niax as one of their own. He was really worried about whether or not they would like him. However, I came from a family of sarcastic smart-asses, and he himself is a sarcastic smartass…I predicted that it would work out fine.

I managed to get plenty of pictures. The reason why this post is late: I wanted to get through my few days back at work, first. Also, I couldn’t quite decide which pictures to show to you guys. Now, I think I finally got them figured out.


In 2014, I went to a family reunion. It was at the exact same cabin, with the exact same river behind it. I had a decent camera this year, so I got a good shot of the flowing river. I regretted not having water shoes, though. The rocks were slippery with moss, and the gravel was spiky against my feet.


Anybody want some ‘shrooms?


I dunno why, but I love how this shot was composed. Maybe I’m just a sucker for scenic river shots.


I…I have no words for this shot. Seriously, why did it come out to be this amazing?


Niax and I had a room on the top floor. Once I stepped out onto the balcony, I saw this mountain line, and I had to take a photo of it.


Honestly, I didn’t expect this to come out as well as it did. I also didn’t expect this butterfly to stay in the same spot as it did for so long.


View overlooking the pool deck and the river. Those picnic benches and tables are new, however. You can’t see it, but there’s a fire pit there, too. That’s new as well.


Another lovely view from out room balcony. Something about this…I dunno…it makes me…happy.


The yard around our cabin. Because it’s Tennessee, it’s mostly hilly. Still very green and vibrant.


Shadow Selfie~ Honestly, I’m not liking the way I look now, hence why I haven’t posted a “face reveal”. However, I bought a wooden staff at a shop near Pigeon Forge, and was leaning against it the morning we left the cabin. I thought my silhouette looked cool, so I snapped a couple of pics of it. One of these I posted to my Twitter.


Aww~ Annabelle really did miss me! Seriously, he would not leave me alone the evening I returned home.


*dies* N-no…I can’t…so…so cute

The car ride down there took about 12 hours. We left my dad’s place at around 12:15am on Sunday morning. Niax and I slept through most of the car ride there. We ended up arriving earlier than anyone else. So early, that the cleaning ladies who were cleaning the cabin weren’t even done yet. We settled in rather well. It was cooler than last time: even inside the cabin was really cold. It was nice catching up with the family, and Niax enjoyed himself as well. I think my family likes him. The air down by the Smoky Mountains was really fresh. Niax was breathing far better down there than up here in shit-air Michigan. I posted a Tweet while down there about wanting to take all of my co-workers and bosses down there for a getaway. I still mean it. There’s more than enough space for everyone, and I think everyone could benefit from the fresh air Tennessee has to offer.

The family all gathered together to celebrate my grandparent’s 75th anniversary. From what I’ve heard, though, this will be the last family reunion. This actually made me quite sad, but grandma and grandpa are getting older, after all.

I even managed to work on Keepers of Balance while I was away. Not too much, but I was able to start Episode #3 and I got some good ideas for Friaggi and McGill’s backstories. Mayhaps I’ll share more later, but I’m still working out what happens and why they don’t really like each other for the first few months of being together.

Anyways, about this week: Tuesday is the 4th of July, so there probably won’t be a post then. I have Moonday off, however, so if I have anything interesting to post, I’ll do it then. If not, I’ll talk to you all on Thursday!



I mean, seriously, what am I supposed to NAME this thing?

The massive heat wave continues. My obsession with Gravity Falls continues. More of this, at 11pm.

…Let’s pretend 11pm is right now. Sorry for the bad “joke”. I’m actually really excited. I completed my FAFSA today, and was on the phone with my Admissions Advisor learning about the student portal and stuff like that (online courses, remember?). I’m only two steps away from being enrolled. I planned to start in November, but I might bump it up to September or August. It all depends on whatever “financial aid” I get. I’m not smart/talented enough for scholarships, but there are other options.

Also, I’m really enjoying Gravity Falls. It’s a charming show, fulled with mystery to boot. Also, a beautiful art style. Sometimes, it almost feels as if it’s a satire of mystery shows–which is something else I heavily appreciate. I DID watch the seasons in reverse (there’s only two seasons, sadly), so I’m currently making my way through Season 1 (the series finale gave me feels). It’s also a nice change of pace for me.

Alsoooo….I’m getting something awesome in the mail, soon~ I want to show that off, but for now, I’ll show you guys these! (These pics are quite unrelated from the awesome thing I’m getting in the mail)



I hate bees. However, I couldn’t walk away from a shot like this. I crept in close, and got a few good shots of him collecting pollen. These two are my favorites. My phone (dubbed “PalmPower”. Yes, I name EVERYTHING. I’m weird) takes oddly good pictures.


It’s June, the month of very colorful (but mostly pink) flowers. I came across this a week or so ago while walking to the store. I felt sorry for not taking a picture of it when I had the chance. I was out again today, and I saw that it was still in full bloom. I didn’t want to miss this chance.


How much is that kitty in the window?
I wonder if he is for saaaale?!~



Okay, okay, this is the last one. It’s been so hot, that all that Annabelle (that #CatLog in the window (who is not for sale)) and Dylan (Doggo that belongs to Niax who is forever trapped in a cone) have been doing is wandering around and “melting” (laying in limp, semi-flat positions on the floor/dryer) on various spots on the floor.

…and dryer. But also, it really sucks if your microwave decides to die on you and you have to use the oven/stove to heat up your food.

Anyways, enjoy! And stay cool!


The Perfect Day for Zooing Around

Honestly, today has been a really good day.

I woke up with a bad headache and a puddle of dog piss on the kitchen floor. Played Skyrim for a bit before heading out. Today, a friend of mine and I were taking a trip up to the zoo. We honestly could not have planned it out more perfectly if we tried. When we got there, the field trips were all leaving, so we missed the heavy crowd. It was nice and cool, and we even made it in time for the animals to be fed. The only thing that went wrong was that both of my camera memory cards ran out of space, so I was forced to use my phone. I’m waiting for the photos to upload to OneDrive, so you guys might not see those till Moonday. However, the ones I managed to pull off of my memory card, I can show to you now.


I love this photo. He just looks like he’s smiling for me. Couldn’t get a shot of the white-furred female, though. She decided to hide on me. This is Niax’s favorite picture, too.


I caught this one at the perfect opportunity. He had his tail spread wide open for me. His plumage was simply divine.

IMG_0029 (2)

Feeding time! I got to see the zoo keeper throw apple slices into the pen. The raised hoof is a little blurry, but I loved that I managed to get the shot.


This wasn’t at the zoo, but I thought I’d show this picture anyways. My dad and I were at a local state park, and I nearly stepped on this snake. It’s just a cute little garden snake, but it still surprised me. I got a few shots of it, but this one is my favorite. I love how it all looks.

Screenshot (34)

Last one, I promise. I was looking through my OneDrive files earlier. OneDrive automatically sorts your photos into categories. For me, because I take so many pictures of Annabelle, one of them is “#Cat”. I click on it to see what exactly is in there, and, well…one of these things doesn’t belong. The “cat” encircled in red is actually a dog. I guess OneDrive is confused when it comes to animals, huh?

I’m supposed to be meeting a friend this Wednesday to see her one last time before she moves to Idaho. I’ll be sure to post more updates about Niax and I’s little D&D campaign. Between this, work, Skyrim, and my lack of sleep…I just want some solitude, y’know?

Either way, enjoy the weekend, guys! I’ll talk to you all on Moonday!


Okay, I really think something’s wrong…

*drags self into office after 5hrs of sleep*….ugh…*fumbles with power button*….fuuuuck…*turns on WordPress app*….das fikken….

What turned out to be a possible case of food poisoning is starting to feel like an infection of some sorts…I barelay made it through the day: I felt weak, tired, couldn’t stop shaking, kept going back and forth in between hot and cold, and I think my lymph nodes are swelling up like balloons. I don’t feel any better. If I feel like this in the morning, I might not be able to go into work…which pisses me off greatly. I can’t afford to get sick, right now.

*sighs* sorry, guys…I don’t mean to complain, but this just hit me right out of left field. Let’s just…let’s just get on with the post.

I managed to create another rough sketch of the Realm Map using a sketching program I have. It’s not the cleanest, but it might give you guys a small idea on how I want it to look:


It comes with a bonus sketch of a weird-ass cake-thing I doodled just for giggles. I forgot to mention yesterday that the Leylines, since they’re scattered throughout the Realms, would be sprinkles. Chocolate sprinkles, of course.

I wanted to have more done, but by the time I got done with this sketch, I was barely keeping my eyes open, and the world wouldn’t sit straight, anymore.

Oh, but here! Look what happened to my phone this morning!win_20161025_18_46_49_pro

You might not be able to see it very well, but I dropped my phone this morning and it cracked. I can still use it, but one more drop, and I’m stuck without a phone. And, of course, I can’t afford one right now.

Oh, something else I have coming to me soon, too. Remember the sketch layout of the EVE I posted a while back? Well, one of my friends has a program that allows him to create 3D floor plans. I’m hoping to have that soon, since it would help a lot with placement, and it’s always good to have a reliable reference nearby.

Now about tomorrow…I honestly don’t know what’s gonna happen. If I end up working tomorrow, unless I feel at least 85% better, then I might not be able to post tomorrow. If I end up not going to work tomorrow, I might end up sleeping for most of the day, meaning I won’t have anything for tomorrow’s post. So we’re gonna play a bit of a gamble, here: I might post tomorrow, I might not, but either way, I’m sorry for the break in schedule.

…I apologize too much, don’t I?

Anyways, good night…and stay healthy, everybody.


Omega Friday #2

*kicks down door* I’M BACK, BABY!

It’s been a tiring couple of weeks with some good and bad, but I’m BACK. Hopefully, this means the return to my usual posting schedule on Monday.

Aaanyways, I’ve got a bit to cover today, so let’s dive right in.

I’ve been working a little on runes and spell tags the Keepers would use to aid in their fight for Balance. I’ve got a few sketches, so I’ll go ahead and slap them onto here and explain as I see fit.


(The runes for the four Core Elements and both sides of Balance)


(Runes for the four Sub Elements, Balance itself, Body, Will, and Person)



(Misc Runes often useful in out in the field)

I think the images above are self-explanatory. Not all of these are final quite yet (Corruption has me stumped), but most of these I’m confident on what these symbols would look like. I have pages and pages within a notebook to go over, so I’ve still got quite a lot to cover. I’ve got runes for the four seasons, runes for stages of the moon, runes for solar and lunar eclipses…it took weeks to get all this information together. I’ve also, in that time, come up with how the runes themselves would be placed–and how they would be written.

Buuuuttt that’s not what I’m showing you tonight. What instead I will show you tonight, is how the “spellboxes” work.


In order for a rune to become activated and have its true effect, it needs to be placed in something called a spellbox (ignore the diamond-shaped one–I was trying out something different for offensive runes). The box is a container–literally a box–for Natural Energy. For these clothing patches here, you would form the rectangular cloth, charge it with Natural Energy, then sew or etch the runes within the rectangle. Sew it onto your clothing in choice, then activate it (a simple declaration of will would do–as long as you want it to be active, then it shall be. Or, as my husband says “If I will it, then so mote it be”), then you’ll be all set to go!

The spellboxes could be drawn and activated on nearly any surface. Meaning that Keepers were able to make their own spell tags on things such as paper or wood. The healing rune on the top left is drawn on a simple scrap of paper. Remember, the spellbox itself doesn’t have to be perfect–as long as the lines are closed, it should hold Natural Energy just fine, until the runes adsorb and use up all of it.

Now, for the placement of the runes, when using spellboxes and spelltags, is important. As shown above, how you place the runes will determine the effect.

For example: if you wanted to power up Darkness, then you would place the Darkness rune at the top of the box, and the power increase rune at the bottom. If you wanted to protect yourself or a friend from Ice, you would place the protection rune on the top of the box, the Ice rune nestling at the bottom.

What I’m going to announce next isn’t exactly KoB related, but this blog is for all of my projects, so I decided to go ahead and tell you guys about this one.

I usually don’t write fanfiction. I never saw myself very good at it, and always worried about staying within the continuity of the world I’m trying to write. And it seems harder when I have to follow someone else’s rules. However, a rare exception I have been dying to explore is Five Nights at Freddy’s.

I LOVE the series. I’ve never been the biggest fan of jump scares and horror games, but what I love most about the series has influences what I try to implement in Keepers of Balance: lore and mystery.

Five Nights at Freddy’s (aka FNaF) has all of that in surplus, and its so fun to theorize on the events of the games (including the 5th one, Sister Location). I also have a soft spot for the animatronics who are (spoilers) possessed by the spirits of children who were murdered by a worker, working at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzarea. It’s not a perfect series, and the jump scares do get old, eventually, but it’ll always have a place in my heart, and serve as an odd inspiration for KoB as a whole.

So, imagine my own surprise when I come up with an odd idea for a story based on the series. It’s not gonna be published fancy or anything like that…but it’s always been kind of a pet project I would glaze over, if KoB has been stressing me out too much. I have the characters, the plot, and some of the timeline set, but…it’s still kind of a daunting task for me. However, since Sister Location came out, I’ve been feeling the urge to work on it once more. I decided to at least confide you guys in it, despite there being slower progress on that story.

Jumping back to KoB for a moment, I wanna be able to talk about some of the major sources of inspiration for the series, ssssooooo….I think that’ll be the theme for next week. If not next week, then the week after for sure (unless I have something really, really cool to show you all, or just some big news).

Finally, a few miscellaneous things I wanted to share in this post tonight. First off, I wanna show off my cat…so I’m gonna do so!


This is my cat, Annabelle. I’ve talked about him before, but I never got a chance to show you guys any cute pictures of him, so here’s one. He’s tubby, and a little bit of a salty one…but he loves it when you scratch at the base of his tail.

Next, my dad took me to the newly-built penguin exhibit at the Detroit Zoo, and I got a few that I thought looked good to post onto here:


(The perfect shot. These guys always just look so hugable~)



(Reminds me of at work when we’re all gathered by the credit card machine, waiting for our turns)


(We got to walk through these huge glass tubes that were underwater. It was kinda hard to, but I got a great shot of them swimming overhead)


(I dunno why, but I really love this shot. It looks kinda trippy to me, with the way the water’s distorting everything)


(I couldn’t say no to this one–if only I moved the camera slightly to the left…)


(This crane kept posing the entire time my dad and I were talking on a bridge that passed over a marsh. I think he just really wanted me to take a picture of him)


(This guy was roaming free within a nearby food court, so I decided to stalk him and get the best shot I could. Luckily, I did so with no hilarious incidents to speak of)


(We stopped by the gorilla and chimpanzee pen when we saw them wandering around. I managed to get a close up to this one as it was walking past a log and snap a photo of it.)

I took more photos–a lot of photos–that day, but I decided to only pick a few to show on here. I love visiting the zoo. So alive, and taking pictures of animals can be fun…and, at times, rather frustrating.

Anyways, you all may be like: “Okay, this was a decent post you put on here, Cassandra, but what’s next?”

Well, I’m glad you asked, thin air. As I said before, hopefully I’ll be back to my regular posting schedule this week, with my inspirations for KoB being the theme for the week. A quick word on my program scenario, sadly, no Clip Studio Paint, but I’ve been using the generic Sketchbook App for Workspace Inc on Windows to quickly sketch out things such as runes and rough diagrams. Lately, I’ve been playing a game called Faster than Light (FTL for short), a space strategy game where you’re manning a ship and a crew. It’s an excellent time-waster, and it can be quite challenging, even on Easy Mode.

Anyways, it feels good to be back after a couple of stressful weeks. Have a good weekend, everybody, and I’ll see you all on Monday!


Full Moonday

Happy Moonday (Monday) everyone. This is actually gonna be a bit of a long post, mostly because I have not only KoB progress to show, but also stuff happened yesterday and today that I feel would be kinda funny to talk about.

Lets get Keepers of Balance out of the way, first. I’m still working on Ep#10, and in the middle of collabrating a fight scene with my husband for the episode, as well as working on what happens after the current fight (honing down dialogue, brainstroming, ect). I know screenshots of MSWord aren’t very interesting, but with my lack of Clip Studio Paint, it’s the best I can do.


My husband’s writing style and my writing style is actually different, and I haven’t formatted this part to match my writing style, yet…but this one of the fights that happens within the episode.

Something else I’d like to show you all too: the main antagnoist’s weapon.

I can’t reveal his name yet, but I’ll tell you what I originally called him: Break. When re-writing Arc 1 for the first time, I decided Break needed a different name. I like coming up with names, but it is always a challenge for me to find names that fit. I thought about Corruption: the force that–if left uncontrolled or is controlled by the wrong person–could bring about the end of the world…wiping everything away, physical and metaphysical alike. Nothing would exist–it feeds on energy–Natural or otherwise, no matter what elemental state it’s in.

This person used to be a Keeper, then he betrayed the Order to delve deeper into the art of Corruption, desiring to wipe the world and its Five Realms clean. Of course, he didn’t succeed…but a thousand years of planning, patience, and rage might give him an edge.

The inspiration for the name came from not only Fenrir–the being who will bring about the end of the world; but also from Ragnarok…also known as the end of the world itself.

As aforementined, he used to be a Keeper, meaning he had the ability to control some of the elements, and a weapon he could summon (all Keepers had one). I always wanted Break to dual-weild, but I was stuck on what would be his weapon for the longst time.

…then I found THESE on Amazon:


Break is actually from Norway (keep in mind: Keepers came from all parts of the globe), so I have to find a way to improve the base design…but I think this is a good start, otherwise.

Oh, see that silver dot near the top of the blade? Those are magnets! I thought it was so cool when I discovered those could be magnetically linked together! My mind flashed with images of Break fighting with these–one blade of Corrupted Light, the other of Corrupted Darkness. They could easily become medium range, and could even return to its twin blade. Here, this picture might help you get an idea:


Because Break is from Norway (and techinally a different era of time altogether), I’m thinking his swords would look like Viking swords, except maybe sleeker. I’m also wondering if his Corrupted Self (Break) would have slightly weapons from his original Keeper Self (not revealing the name yet).

Sorry I went into a ramble there, but I couldn’t have been happier to find these swords.These are beautiful weapons, and I’m glad I got to take pictures of them.

Anyways, that’s all the KoB updates for now. Now…something kinda…weird, I guess happened at work today.

Ever get those customers? The ones that send off such an…odd vibe, that you suddenly begin to feel unsafe around them?

Well, this one techinally wasn’t a customer. No, he was…a bum, I guess. He wandered into the shop, and just awkwardly started fiddling around with the chairs. He then stood in front of the counter, just barely in front of the cash regrister. When more people came in, he decided to move from the regrister and drift right in front of the sandwich-making area. I couldn’t hear what he said, but from my co-worker’s response (gonna call her Red), he must’ve asked her for money. She told him no and asked him to leave (he had been hanging around for a good ten minets, by this point). He shuffled out the door and I couldn’t help but think one thing:

~Oh Gods, how did we not get mugged!?~

I don’t mean to be rude, but…*shiver* it wasn’t pleasant.  I was kinda happy he left.

Anyways, this was a long post, but I’m kinda happy about that. I’d been looking forward to writing this post all day, and even more excited to get back to work on KoB. I’ll see you all again on Wednesday, but until then…I think I’ll make more spaghetti–I’ve been having a monster craving for it lately, and it’s almost all I’ve eaten for the past few nights.


Of Fairy Steps and Precious Imprints

Happy Hump Day, everybody! (yes, that was meant to be as dirty as it sounded) Work was a touch stressful today, but we pulled through it, and now I’m free to enjoy my weekend!

First off, I hope to stay up late tonight and maybe get some KoB work done…especially in regards to the runes I talked about yesterday. Today, however, I have a couple of things to show you today, the first being something cool I found growing in my backyard.

Fairy Steps.JPG

I call these Fairy Steps. They’ve been around for a while, but I haven’t seen them in person, yet, so I decided to whip out the camera and snap some photos. Maybe I’ll draw some fairies hanging out on these steps or something like that. Nature is fascinating, Ja?

This second photo is a little more personal for me. I took this shortly after getting my first tattoo a couple of weeks ago.


Sorry for the somewhat poor shot–I took this one myself.

This is the paw print of a cat I had for nearly ten years. Her name is Utah, and she passed away due to old age and possible feline leukemia last year. The week I took off to start this blog was also the week of the 1 year anniversary of her passing. My husband and I miss her everyday, but I feel like the tattoo gave me some closure…despite it being very painful to sit through. It was…tough. I never had a pet die before in my childhood, and being 21 and having to deal with the death of a pet for the very first time…it was hard. But life moves on. Never forget that, everybody.

…and yes, my back and shoulders really are that blotchy. I kinda like my spots though, so…I’m still proud to go sleeveless, especially now I have this beauty on my left shoulder. (Seriously, the artist did a perfect job recapturing the texture of her paw print. It looks even better now, now that it’s healed up properly.)

Anyways, I’m looking for a way to record game footage and what not. I’ve been playing through the Walking Dead video game lately, ad I feel like some of you would get some amusement out of watching me stumble through while tipsy/piss ass drunk.

Until Friday, everybody!