Happy Mabon!

Mabon is a Pagan name for the Fall Equinox! And just because I wanted to show you all I was trying my best to juggle holiday prep and KoB, then here’s a screenshot:


If you pay close attention to the side bar, you’ll see something else I’m working on.

Anyways, I know I’m breaking from the norm here, but I just wanted to share this.

Enjoy your Mabon, everybody!


The Last Night of Summer

Hey everyone! Cassandra’s back, welcoming you all to the last night of the Summer season!

To recap my summer: It was a mix of good and bad, as all seasons are, I guess. The best thing that happened this summer is the fact that I started this blog. The worst thing that happened this summer was losing all of my data on my external harddrive, and this digital illustration stall I’m in. I got my time to reflect on Utah’s passing a year ago and got my first tattoo. I did good things and bad…but still, life goes on, and I’m okay with that.

Anyways, enough reflecting: let’s get on with the post!

This one’s going to be explaining the Keeper Order that existed a thousand years before the KoB series started. I’m mostly going to explain its origins, as well as the three branches of the Order.

The Original Keepers of Light and Darkness (the first people in history able to manipulate Light or Darkness, as well as the Core Elements) had been travelling around the world and had made multiple allies. They also learned how to pass on the ability to control Natural Energy to multiple people. So thus, they passed down their gift, then they passed on their gift, and soon, there were almost all over the world. The Originals also recruited people who weren’t necessarily interested in welding power, but still wanted to help. They were recruited as well, mostly as book keepers and, well, scouts.

Thus, the three branches of the Keeper Order was formed: Keepers, Seekers, and Scouts, all representing an aspect of a person in the KoB Universe.

  • Scout: Representing the physical body that encompasses the Mind and Will. Scouts were usually known as the most athletic, and adept at blending in with the society around them. They often served as messengers as well, responsible for carrying information and letters from one Base to the other.
  • Seeker: Representing the Mind that dictates the Body and sharpens the Will. The Seekers were primarily book-keepers–librarians, if you will. They usually spent their time researching Natural Energy, coming up with runes that the Keeper Order used to communicate, and often worked together as translators. When more Keepers began Awakening on their own, they–as well as other Seekers, Keepers, and Scouts–would become teachers, delving into magical theory and the history of those that came before them.
  • Keeper: Representing the Will–or metaphysical capacity–that drives the Body. and can empower the Mind. While Keepers could also be Seekers/Scouts, they were the ones out on the field, dispelling forces that could threaten the existence of the world–taking on unnatural disasters, taking down those who had gained control of Light or Darkness through…unnatural means (still working out this bit, but there were people who used Light and Darkness for their own gains at the expense of others). They were the face of the Order, and were usually the first ones to respond when a crisis would hit.

The Keeper Order was destroyed when Break betrayed them, becoming the Keeper of Corruption (a force very little understood at that time) and wiping out important Keeper Bases one by one. Not every country was Keeper-friendly, and those that were had their leaders Corrupted, and they drove the Keepers out. He even created Corrupted Beings and Creatures: Shades are creatures born of Corrupted Darkness, and Glares are beings of Corrupted Light. I’ll delve more into SHades and Glares later, but they all come from a person with enough Corruption to form and harbor these creatures. To put it simply: as long as the person can survive, the Shade/Glare can exist. Again, more on these at a later post.

The Traitor killed off the Order, and those who remained–along with the Originals–fought in one final battle: a battle that took place on the Spring Equinox. It was called the Battle of Ostara, because of it. The Traitor, with his army of Corrupted Beings and Corrupted Keepers, led the charge against those who remained. Both armies dwindled, and soon, all that remained was the Keeper of Corruption, and the Original Keepers of Light and Darkness. The Keeper of Light was slain, and he tried to steal her Light as she died. However, she retained it, and passed away in the Keeper of Darkness’ arms. The Keeper of Darkness became enraged, and locked himself in combat with the Corrupted Keeper. The battle ended with both of them slain…execpt with a price. Before his last breath, Break cursed the Original Keepers of Light and Darkness’ souls to wander the Inbetween (a realm that’s basically purgatory) for all eternity, both separated, and forever lost within the labyrinth of Leylines. The Keeper of Darkness cursed Break to spend eternity locked in a realm called The Perdition (basically hell), until time itself stopped. However, both of these plans had drawbacks. By cursing the Keepers to be close to the Leylines, he unknowingly gave them very limited access to the Natural Energy that flowed to Vita and Nativus (the Realm of Life and the realm where the Leylines were born). The Keeper of Darkness’ seal didn’t do what he had hoped: he didn’t have enough power to seal Break when he intended to seal him (due to him, I dunno, dying), and thus, Break landed in the Inbetween as well…just right outside the edge of The Perdition.

…Yes, I’m coming up with a Realm Map. In fact, I had one…but I would rather redo the one I came up with last year. It’s very simple, really…but because the first Episode of Arc 2 is a lore-heavy Episode, I think I’ll hold off for a bit, anyways.

…Of course, if I get it done before hand, I can promise that you guys will see it.

Anyways, that ends my take on the Keeper Order. Some stuff needs to be ironed out, still, but I love the concept I came up with this. Everybody has a purpose within the Order, essentially making it one big family (…and making Break’s betrayal all the more heartbreaking, considering he was a personal student of the Original Keeper of Light herself).

So, now that you all have that to think about, let me move on to another thing I wanted to talk about tonight.

In 2007, when I was in the 7th grade, I subconsciously made the decision to become an author/illustrator. It’ll be 2017 next year, meaning that it would have been 10 years since I decided to make this choice.

That’s not all: in March of 2012, I came up with the concept of Keepers of Balance, and ran with it. Someday, I’ll make a video talking about it, but the short version is this: after writing romance for a while. I decided to try something new, something that I really wanted to write about. I love magic. I love adventure. I love the concept of someone who didn’t have the mindset of becoming a hero actually becoming a hero…and I still wanted to throw in a bit of romance. I wanted to do an epic series, and, to keep it simple, I wanted to use our world as an inspiration. So, Rachael Hale, Ian Hawthorne, and Oracle were born, as well as the Keepersverse in general. I’ve been working on this series for five years, now. Granted, I’m not as far as I’d like to be…but maybe I’ll use this to my advantage.

That means, that maybe…if I can get things to work and get myself off my ass and work…I can have Book One of Arc 1 published on Amazon Kindle March of 2017.

And that’s only IF I get the following completed by then:

  • Submit trademark and copyright requests for Keepers of Balance
  • Finish ALL of the Episodes for Arc 1 (including Bonus Episodes)–including possible revisions, and professional editing
  • Create and finish illustrations for all Episodes

For me at this moment, considering my (goddamn) day job, my need for improvement with my illustration, time, and finances, this is a bit of a tall order…especially with moving in January. But this is my life. This is my passion.

And goddamnit, I WILL make is happen, not matter WHAT anyone says.

Oh, before I go, I wanted to show off some cool fan art I got for Keepers of Balance a few years ago. I’ve kept it all this time, and I still adore the piece. It’s on deviantart, and I’m sad to admit that I forgot the name of the person who drew this, but here:


I’ve got some more–not a ton–that I’d like to show off here, but for now, I think this one would suffice. I personally love how Rachael Hale is depicted: it’s so like her.

Wow, another long post. This is turning out quite well after all. I’m not sure if Friday’s post will be this long, considering what I’ve got going on tomorrow, but I’ll still try to post something. For now, all of my drive has been put towards finishing Ep#10. After those, I need to work on the Bonus Episodes, and after that…fuck, I don’t know. But I’ll figure it out, somehow.

I just wanted to give a quick thanks to everyone who has visited this site so far. I really do appreciate the views I’ve been getting lately–they have spiked up quite a bit! I’ve been having fun to do these posts, and even if KoB never gets published, then at least I can say I still had fun. Enjoy the last few hours of summer. and I hope everyone has a beautiful fall! (I’m excited–Fall is one of my favorite seasons!)


Full Moonday

Happy Moonday (Monday) everyone. This is actually gonna be a bit of a long post, mostly because I have not only KoB progress to show, but also stuff happened yesterday and today that I feel would be kinda funny to talk about.

Lets get Keepers of Balance out of the way, first. I’m still working on Ep#10, and in the middle of collabrating a fight scene with my husband for the episode, as well as working on what happens after the current fight (honing down dialogue, brainstroming, ect). I know screenshots of MSWord aren’t very interesting, but with my lack of Clip Studio Paint, it’s the best I can do.


My husband’s writing style and my writing style is actually different, and I haven’t formatted this part to match my writing style, yet…but this one of the fights that happens within the episode.

Something else I’d like to show you all too: the main antagnoist’s weapon.

I can’t reveal his name yet, but I’ll tell you what I originally called him: Break. When re-writing Arc 1 for the first time, I decided Break needed a different name. I like coming up with names, but it is always a challenge for me to find names that fit. I thought about Corruption: the force that–if left uncontrolled or is controlled by the wrong person–could bring about the end of the world…wiping everything away, physical and metaphysical alike. Nothing would exist–it feeds on energy–Natural or otherwise, no matter what elemental state it’s in.

This person used to be a Keeper, then he betrayed the Order to delve deeper into the art of Corruption, desiring to wipe the world and its Five Realms clean. Of course, he didn’t succeed…but a thousand years of planning, patience, and rage might give him an edge.

The inspiration for the name came from not only Fenrir–the being who will bring about the end of the world; but also from Ragnarok…also known as the end of the world itself.

As aforementined, he used to be a Keeper, meaning he had the ability to control some of the elements, and a weapon he could summon (all Keepers had one). I always wanted Break to dual-weild, but I was stuck on what would be his weapon for the longst time.

…then I found THESE on Amazon:


Break is actually from Norway (keep in mind: Keepers came from all parts of the globe), so I have to find a way to improve the base design…but I think this is a good start, otherwise.

Oh, see that silver dot near the top of the blade? Those are magnets! I thought it was so cool when I discovered those could be magnetically linked together! My mind flashed with images of Break fighting with these–one blade of Corrupted Light, the other of Corrupted Darkness. They could easily become medium range, and could even return to its twin blade. Here, this picture might help you get an idea:


Because Break is from Norway (and techinally a different era of time altogether), I’m thinking his swords would look like Viking swords, except maybe sleeker. I’m also wondering if his Corrupted Self (Break) would have slightly weapons from his original Keeper Self (not revealing the name yet).

Sorry I went into a ramble there, but I couldn’t have been happier to find these swords.These are beautiful weapons, and I’m glad I got to take pictures of them.

Anyways, that’s all the KoB updates for now. Now…something kinda…weird, I guess happened at work today.

Ever get those customers? The ones that send off such an…odd vibe, that you suddenly begin to feel unsafe around them?

Well, this one techinally wasn’t a customer. No, he was…a bum, I guess. He wandered into the shop, and just awkwardly started fiddling around with the chairs. He then stood in front of the counter, just barely in front of the cash regrister. When more people came in, he decided to move from the regrister and drift right in front of the sandwich-making area. I couldn’t hear what he said, but from my co-worker’s response (gonna call her Red), he must’ve asked her for money. She told him no and asked him to leave (he had been hanging around for a good ten minets, by this point). He shuffled out the door and I couldn’t help but think one thing:

~Oh Gods, how did we not get mugged!?~

I don’t mean to be rude, but…*shiver* it wasn’t pleasant.  I was kinda happy he left.

Anyways, this was a long post, but I’m kinda happy about that. I’d been looking forward to writing this post all day, and even more excited to get back to work on KoB. I’ll see you all again on Wednesday, but until then…I think I’ll make more spaghetti–I’ve been having a monster craving for it lately, and it’s almost all I’ve eaten for the past few nights.


Fall is in the Air

Brisk Friday, everyone. This isn’t going to be a long post, just a small update for the day.

I’ve been busy with yard work today, and my husband and I just got back from the store.  I need to take a shower tonight–I’m covered in dirt.

After paying all my other expenses and kicking some money into savings, I didn’t have enough to rebuy my required programs OR to buy the data recovery program I need. I’m hoping to have the money by the end of the month.

Sadly, no KoB progress, despite my best efforts. Maybe the weekend will fare better for me.

Until Monday, everyone. Enjoy the cool weather–Fall will be here in less than a week!


What is Perfection?

Did you know that the very idea of perfection annoys the hell out of me?

Let me explain: I’ve lived with a person who wanted nothing but perfection from me. If things don’t go perfectly, people around me get angry and destructive. There is no such thing.

I’m not perfect. Nothing is. Gods aren’t perfect, if you follow old mythologies on them. The very idea of perfection can’t  exist. because that means having no flaws, which for the human race, isn’t possible, and like it or not, we’re all fucking human.

You’re not perfect.

You’re not a god.

You’re not above anyone.

You’re someone trying to survive.

Be better than yourself, but never aim for perfection.  I don’t mean for this post to drag anyone down (especially after not posting yesterday)…but I’m telling you all–perfection as definition, is unobtainable. Something very hard I have to deal with in life these days.


After the Fact…

Hey everyone. To everyone in the U.S., Happy Late Patriot Day. Usually every year, I post a video/written post about what happened to the Twin Towers all those years ago, and about how it effected our country, and how it effected me as a child/adult (this happened when I was only 6 years old when this happened, anyway). However, yesterday was so busy and exhausting, that I ended up going to bed really early last night (a quarter to eight).

Anyways, an update on the whole computer situation: my old Toshiba that was a gift from my dad is now officially dead. It can’t run Windows 10, and I don’t have a copy of Windows 7. I already explained the harddive disaster, so I won’t go into that again, and as again, I’m still missing a couple essential programs (fucking Clip Studio Paint) that I don’t have the money to replace. Oh well. It could be a lot worse, anyways.

My husband and I are getting a new bed today, so I’m gonna be helping with that later on. I still have to reinstall some games from Steam (The Walking Dead) and reinstall the launcher for Yandere Simulator, but that’ll have to wait till later this week. This also means no KoB work today, most likely, and if there is any, then it’ll just be work on Ep#10. And on that note, I’ll see you all on Wednesday!


Reinstalling an Operating System on an external USB storage device erases all data previously existing on it (SERIOUSLY)



Okay, so to be honest, I’m not 100% sober right now. I’ve had a few drinks since I got home from work today (my normal time, for fucking once), and one more shot at dinner, but I started computer work on my old Surface AND Toshiba first (for the record, my Toshiba laptop is a Satellite brand, inherited from my dad. Not exactly “recently”) yesterday, very shortly after I discovered that my old Surface screen was “more than just a little messed up”. I pulled out the Toshiba I hadn’t turned on in about a year, and tried to update it with the very latest drivers.

I turned it off before I went to bed.

I woke up before work and started an updating process.

…It remained the same goddamn screen I left it at when I returned home from work 7 1/2 hours.

Tried to find a solution. Found one. Downloaded a media copy of Windows 10 onto an external hard drive I kept important files on.


I didn’t know it would happen, nor did ANY of the sites I visited STATE it would happen.




Thankfully, because I’ve been working off the Surface this entire time, a lot of files that were on the 1TB external drive were on the micro SD card in my Surface. The things that weren’t saved are personal documents (that I have in paper anyways), and maybe some music that my dad gave me.

…speaking of which, I have him to thank for getting me a new Surface Pro 3 so soon (I guess the screen was too messed up to salvage). After taking me and his girlfriend out to dinner, I was able to return to the tasks at hand with a semi-fresh mind.

…even while traumatized that so much data was lost.

But nevertheless, the status: my new Surface is up and running…though, I think the internal fan might be a bit wonky for this machine. But still, far better than nothing. However, my Toshiba…I decided to just do a total factory restore. It’s taking a long time, and dad admitted that it might not be able to run Windows 10…but I need a powerhouse to run my editing studios, and to back up KoB data and other project data onto the harddrive I had for it. Thanks to my brother, though, I might be able to recover some data that was on the external.

This…has been a stressful day. I’ve been frustrated, angry, impatient, and borderline bitchy the entire day. My mood started to lighten when I got off work and restarted my work on the computers…but now, I just remain tired, exhausted, and unsure. I…I’m missing some software from my Surface that I’ll have to pay for, again…but both of my credit cards are maxed out, and I haven’t taken out a loan yet to help pay for those…I…I have to keep moving forward. This is my dream…I have to keep doing this.