EDIT: Well, talk about bad timing. This was supposed to be up the night of Friday, October 6th, 2017, but my lovely Surface Pro 3 ran out of battery as I was cooking dinner and typing this post out. Thankfully, WordPress saved the draft that I was working on, so hooray!

Well, my weekend was busier than I expected. Didn’t help that we had a cleaning crew arrive and I think the chemicals did something to my throat. Been feeling iffy all day.

Anyways, I want to talk briefly about what’s new with KoB.

I’ve decided that the Keepers needed another antagonist of sorts, aside from the main one, Break. One that is a little more reoccurring…and one that would add some levity to the the risks and consequences Ian and Rach could face, if they were ever outed as traveling magical warriors.

The Keeper Order has always been kept a secret for a few reasons: one of which is that they feel that it would be unsafe for the general populace if word had gotten out about their existence. Any sightings of them have been dissolved into local folklore–about the Warriors of Nature. It was also for personal and political safety. It’s not too different in the modern world, especially given humanity’s obsession to see anything different or things they don’t understand as “wrong”. Keepers of either period could’ve been locked up. Some were afraid of the power they held, and outlawed the Keepers altogether…meaning that if anyone found out that you were a Keeper in a Keeper-banned city…it would be a death sentence. In modern day, the sentence won’t be death…however, things such as property damage, breaking and entering, interfering with investigations, and others. While they’re doing it for the greater good, you know how people feel about vigilantes.

So, if Ian, Rachael, and even Oracle, were ever exposed to the public, a lot of governments, especially Interpol, would come down on not just themselves…but also their family. Break is so focused on destroying Ian and Rach because he views them as the only legitimate threat to his master plan of dissolving the world, then reshaping it in his own vision. However, the threat this new character(s) of mine will pose a more personal threat to our modern Keepers. And if Break catches wind of this…he might decide to do nothing about it, because it might help him in some way. Then again, he may not. I haven’t worked out the fine details.

Since I am 100% sure I want these two ladies in my conflict, I’ll tell you a little about them both now.

She wanted nothing more than to be a journalist. She aims to gather “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth”. Her desperation to go to any lengths to gather the truth may lead her down to paths less favorable.

She’s a more quieter force, but still just as formidable. When a camera is in her hands, she’s never felt more alive.

I have a third, but I’m not sure if I want to include him, yet. But I feel like this will be a good way to bring the conflict to Ian and Rach in a more personal way.



Falling for Bi-Polar Weather




Whatever, Michigan. Be bi-polar with your weather, as usual.

Anyways, this past week has been kind of tough. Bouts of depression between both myself and my husband has made it difficult to communicate. Work, as per the norm, is emotionally and physically draining, and with it being so hot and humid up here, it’s been tough getting a good night’s sleep (our AC unit was moved to the living room because reasons).

Anyways, I know it’s a whole season early, but while browsing Tumblr earlier, I found the perfect concept for my “annual” winter illustration.

Aside from working on KoB, I’ve been playing Fallout 4. Been enjoying it a lot more (mods help a great deal).

One thing I do miss, tho: I miss having an empty house to myself. Let me explain: there’s currently (including myself) four people living at our house. There’s rarely a time when I can come home, and be the only one home. As selfish as this sounds to me, I prefer having absolutely no one around when I want to draw/write/do music stuff. I feel awkward whenever anyone else is around, and I don’t like the feeling that someone is looking over my shoulder whenever I do try to work. It’s been causing a bit of a block–one that I don’t know how to overcome. I’m one of those people who needs intense focus in order to get anything done. I feel better about working on something if I don’t have to feel like someone’s trying to get my attention all the time. Oh well. Still do my best, I guess.

Anyways, with all of that said, I hope you all have had a fantastic week, and I’ll talk to you all again soon!


Match Made

Ahhhhh!!! It happened! As of today, my dad is a remarried man!

Seriously, I can’t can’t help but gush about how happy I am for him and my new step-mom!

It was a very small ceremony. Not more than ten or so people showed up. But it was a very sweet one (I got a little teary-eyed curing the vows). I got to be the ring bearer. They also really like the wedding gift me and Niax gave them. We got them one of the wax-melting scent thingies. I knew they would like the design of the warmer itself, but I was a little bit more worried about the scents. However, they seemed to like them all.

Other than today, this week hasn’t been too exciting for me. Lately, I’ve mostly just been looking forward to today and my husband and I’s anniversary. Just gotta hang in there for a while longer.


Labor Day Aftermath

Good evening, everyone. Hope you guys have had a lovely week. If not, then I hope your week gets better!

Labor Day was a very good day. Work wasn’t bad (actually quite fun), got to go to the Renaissance Festival with my dad and his fiancee, and finished the day by going over to my mother-in-law’s house. Got my first henna tattoo at the festival. I love it a lot. I’ve been wanting one for a while, but didn’t have the opportunity to get one until Monday. It was only $25. The only photo I have of it is from the night I got it. I’ll probably take a better picture and post it onto Twitter later on, but for now…

old henna

Sorry about the lame picture quality. Had my husband take the photo. He’s not too good with camera phones. If you can’t tell, it’s a lotus blossom resting within the crescent of the moon. Some of the henna ended up getting kinda ruined before I even got home (it started to rain as we left), but I’ve heard that there was a local shop that did henna tattoos. I have the design saved, so maybe I’ll go back in and get a touch up or just get it redone.

My husband likes it so much, that he says I should get it tattooed on my hand permanently. Honestly, I’m agreeing with the idea, but I think I’ll settle for it possibly being my new logo. Three days later, and it’s still lookin’ good!

Tuesday felt like Wednesday. Because of the holiday, dough production (for our bagels) was the day after because of the holiday. Not too bad of a day, either.

Wednesday was weird, because it felt like Tuesday. No dough production, but it seemed busier up at the front. After work, I went to my mother-in-law’s house to help her organize some Sentsy stuff that had come in. She also helped me pick out the wedding gift for my dad’s wedding (coming in a couple of weeks!).

One of my roommates gave me a small little notebook filled with blank white paper. Been using that do doodle and draw again. Also picked up KoB editing again. Not too much to say on that end, sadly, but as I’ve learned recently: Work hard in silence. Let success be your voice.



Well, these past few days were…sickly. Literally.

I know I said back on Tuesday over my Twitter that I would put up a new post on Wednesday…but some illness was starting to circulate around the house, and I was next in line. I felt horrible waking up Wednesday morning, and my throat was sore all day. Even had to postpone our D&D session for the week after. Once I came home, I basically went to bed. Woke up sometime later, and couldn’t sleep all night. Went to sleep around noon on Thursday, woke up feeling worse. I guess my immune system took a massive hit. Was miserable and weak all day (Niax slept as well, considering how long he was up). All I had the energy to do was text a friend and watch Kitchen Nightmares. Friday was a little better, though I didn’t get up till late in the afternoon and had little voice throughout the day. I managed to take some medicine to break my fever and finally get some decent sleep.

Saturday was terrible, for me. Had almost no voice throughout most of the morning, but I still forced myself to work. Why? Well, cash flows, right? It did finally clear up in the afternoon, and I was starting to feel better, so I guess that’s a plus.

Today was much better. Coughed a lot today, but I was in a good mood, and my pace was faster than yesterday. Even managed to smile more. Huh. Guess I should start taking daily vitamins and supplements a lot more.

Anyways, with whatever-I-had passed, I started working on KoB a little bit more. Mostly, again, editing and brainstorming. Not too much else to report, sadly.

Anyways, I’m adjusting my posting schedule a little bit–mostly to make things easier on myself, to have more to write about, and to begin to prepare to take classes, I’m going to be posting something once a week. I hope to do some sort of video game stream once a month (Skyrim, Kingdom Hearts, Minecraft, whatever strikes me fancy at that moment–no sobriety guaranteed). I hope to start visually re-branding this blog, soon. My own artwork and such.

Again, sorry for the sporadic posts. Hopefully things will look up from here on out. Here’s hoping!



Eclipses, Revelations, and Unreasonable Hair

*dries hair* Oh, hello. It’s been really hot and humid up here, lately. My hair has been uncooperative as of late, but maybe tonight, it’ll-

Cassandra's Troublesome Hair

…Oh. Never mind.

Anyways, I managed to see the “Great American Eclipse” on Monday. I didn’t have eclipse glasses, but I managed to rig up one of those shoe box eclipse viewers. It was still something…special. The air and energy itself seemed to be buzzing with anticipation, something…new.

I sound spiritual, as always, but I also feel it within myself, too. In fact, I’ve written more today (this blog post included) than I have in a bit.

I’ve stayed off my Surface for a few days to give myself some time to think without having to rely or be distracted by it. Been mostly multi-tasking between different segments of Keepers of Balance.

I’ve also come to realize…I’ve lot my way. I’ve been writing less, drawing less, feeling like myself less…I’ve been…irresponsible, lately. I know I can recover and bounce back, but…I still feel so lost, even confused. The eclipse helped me realize that in some way. I know, I know, it sounds crazy, but…I do feel…different.

Anyways, since the last time I’ve spoken to you guys, I have also finished watching Avatar: The Last Airbender and have started the shows Avatar: The Legend of Korra and Riverdale. I never got to see Legend of Korra all the way through (though I do know some things that happen later on in the series). As for Riverdale, I used to be a huge Archie Comic fan. When I heard that the CW was making a live-action show out of it, and the dark twist they were putting on it, I was more excited than anything else. I fell out of love with the original Archie comics because…I grew up.

N-no offense to any of the older Archie fans! It’s just…when I realized how much I wanted to tell a story, and when I started to pay more attention to things such as plot, pacing, character typing and development, stakes, actions and consequences…I realized how bland Archie and his friends had become. I mean yes, to this day, I can still relate to every one of the main four characters of the old comics–the try-hard goofball Archie, the girl next door Betty, the rich girl with a heart of gold Veronica, and the burger-loving, sarcastic wingman Jughead. And I say “old” comics because I didn’t know they rebooted the comics for a short time to serve as a prequel for the Riverdale show.

I also understand why a lot of Archie fans hate this show. It’s so different. It’s not Archie. I can see that. But how I see it, is that things change. It also helps that this version is more interesting in this version than any other–maybe because some of us can relate better to these characters. Not everything’s a perfect slice-of-life fairy tale. We all have dark secrets, a past we’d rather not live up to, and an ulterior motive to everything we do. And I love how this show explores that, even tackling some difficult subjects.

Despite that, I would still recommend giving the show a watch.

Anyways, I’m hoping my new vigor can last. I seek to make it last. Still unsure about my school situation…starting to think I may have jumped in too soon with this…

Anyways, I hope you all have had a fantastic week, and I hope you all continue to have an amazing week. Until next time!


Year 1

Good evening, guys.

First off, I just wanna thank everyone who came by over the past year. I know this year hasn’t been as…consistent, and I’d hoped, but I’ve learned the hard way over and over again that life isn’t the most consistent force out there. I know I’ve said some things on here that I’m not totally proud of, but I’d like to try to put that behind me, and try to focus on having another good year with you guys.

Doing this blog has helped me brainstorm for Keepers of Balance. And I love sharing the process with you guys. It’s nice to have a place to gush. I do put a lot of love into these posts, even if I don’t have too much to say.

I must say that one of my flaws is jumping onto something without considering EVERYTHING. I do this because I often think too much. I’m trying to find my balance AND my limitations, while still finding the steam to move forward. It’s hard, but I believe that it’ll all be worth it in the end.

I mean, I’m still kinda stunned…one year, over 100 posts, a little over 30 followers, and a grand total of 1,410 pageviews. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but…it means a lot to me. Again, thank you all.

…It’s also hard to believe that it’s only been two years since Utah passed away.

Don’t worry, I’m not gonna go into this whole spiel about how special she was–and still is–to me. You guys know that story, and frankly, I’ve cried enough today. Yep, for me, today was a very sad say. I’ve been emotionally drained all day.

Two odd things DID happen to me today, though. If you guys stalk me on Twitter, you might already know, but I find these two instances so odd and off-the-wall that I had to mention them again.

And for the record, no, I’m not upset at it anymore. I’ve been too drained to get angry, otherwise I would’ve flared up already. I must be part fire. I can get heated too easily.

Anyways, they happened almost in rapid succession, so the order I tell these in is the order it happened.

Earlier today, we had a customer. Yeah, I know, big surprise. When he came in, one of my co-workers had one of her stations on Pandora playing over the speak–to be specific, it was a station that played music mostly from bands like Imagine Dragons, Fall Out Boy, 30 Seconds to Mars, etc. Well, one of the 30 Seconds to Mars songs was playing (not sure which one). This customer was listening to this song, and suddenly declared that it was “hate music”.

For those of you who are familiar with the band (my personal fav is This is War), you know that they make anything BUT hate music. For those who don’t know, they make songs mostly about forgiveness, moving forward, and stroking your inner fire. Again, FAR from hate music.

I also found this…interesting because this is obviously shortly after the riot in Charlottesville. A riot caused by some very hateful people.

Not too long after that, I took a phone call. It was from a restaurant where we deliver bagels to. She places her order, and I’m trying to keep up (she had a very thick accent, so I was trying my hardest to understand). I was confirming her order when she huffed and confirmed it back before calling me…something. I’m not 100% sure, but I think I might’ve been insulted in a different language. Arabic, I think, but again, I’m not too sure. She was rather rude, and hung up almost immediately after that.

Again, I’m not mad–hell, I’m not even totally sure that it was even an insult. I just read the tone and plus, I’ve talked to this woman before. She’s often quite rude and hasty. Even if I was sure, again, I was too emotionally drained by the time these things happened, so I couldn’t have gotten mad, even if I wanted to. These are just interesting things that happened during my day.

Which, by the way, ends here. I’ve had a long week. I’m ready for my weekend. I hope I’ll get a chance to talk to you all soon, and, once again…