The Night Before

The first day and night of summer was fun. A good night, spending time with good friends. Thought some more things out with KoB. Hopefully, I can sort some more things out while away.

Clothes are mostly packed, got my camera batteries charging, and I had to order a new cord for my Surface Pro 3. Cat got to it several months back, and it’s been holding on for a while…but today, it kept short-circuiting out on me. I’ve fixed the problem for now, but if the cord doesn’t get here by 9pm tomorrow, then I may be out of luck.

Short post, but I need to head to bed soon, anyways. Long day tomorrow, as usual. Tensions are running high. Night, all.




I don’t think I have ever laughed as hard as I did with DreamWorks’ film: Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie. I’m a 22 ½ year old woman with a very nostalgic connection to the Captain Underpants book series as a whole. I laughed almost the whole way through, and not because of the toilet humor.

Let’s get the elephant out of the room: SPOILERS. When I usually do a review, I DO talk spoilers. So, with that out of the way, let’s get into it.

I did NOT know that Kevin Hart was going to be in this movie. I was struggling to recognize George’s voice actor throughout the entire movie. Like, I thought he sounded familiar, but I couldn’t place it till the credits started rolling.

Yes, I am aware that the book series was full of toilet humor and fart jokes, but I don’t think that was all the substance. But I’m not here to type a pretentious rant about how my sense of humor and nostalgia is better than yours. I’m not a critic. I’m just a girl who was really happy that this book series from her childhood finally made its way onto the big screen.

I also feel the need to mention that I sadly don’t remember all too much from the books. But I think that this movie would be a good way to get someone to read the books (much like 2003’s Lemony Snicket’s: A Series of Unfortunate Events)

The movie portrayed Harold and George’s friendship perfectly. Two best buds in elementary school who took them being separated into different classes as the end of the world, basically. I have always adored the friendship between these two. Also, do I need to mention Kevin Hart again? I don’t think I do. Principal Krupp was pretty spot on.

I love meta humor. Harold and George break the 4th wall plenty of times, and appeal to a humor acceptable to adults. And if they have a kid that still enjoys potty humor, then bring you little ankle-biter along. What I’m trying to say is that it has a little something for everyone.

The animation was beautiful. From what I’ve been hearing, this movie is the cheapest movie Dreamworks has ever made. However, it made up costs with a freakin’ sock puppet segment. The art style was very faithful to the books, and it was very interesting to see these characters pop out from the pages to the movie screen. It was also very colorful, and the visuals were never boring to me.

Finally, I must address the best thing this film has brought to me (and anyone else seeing this, if they read the books): the development of Principal Krupp as a person. The fact that he had a crush on the lunch lady was out of this world to me. We never got any hint to his character other than he was a mean ol’ adult who hates fun. However, the movie gives us a little bit more. He’s lonely, and is possibly jealous about how close Harold and George are to each other. It showed that all he wants is a companion—maybe even a lover (if you can stomach the thought of that).

Also, the secretary being on hold for the entire movie? Hahaha, I couldn’t help but laugh at that.

What can I say? People had Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, and Black Panther as a kid. Me? I had Captain Underpants, and Super Diaper Baby (look it up) as a kid. My mom stopped buying me the books, and I very recently (like, at the time I was writing this) discovered that Captain Underpants had 13 books! I mean, what!? But no one can argue the impact it, and this movie, had on my life. I know what I’m gonna be buying on Amazon later on.

Honestly, maybe I’m being a bit immature while watching this movie…but at the same time, it made me so happy. I didn’t think Captain Underpants would be made into a movie. I mean, just…just wow. Mark this day a valuable day in history for me.


Maybe you should get your mom a comic book (no, I’m serious).

Damn, didn’t get to my YouTube test stream last night. Oh well. I actually have a bit of a plan for that, so maybe next week or the week after, I’ll give it a go (yes, it does involve Skyrim. Sorry, I’ve been on a massive Skyrim kick, lately and I love to share my nerdy gush for the game).

I’ve picked up more comic book for Kindle over my “weekend”. I finished going through Marvel’s Civil War (which gave me feels at certain points), and I bought Marvel’s Civil War II (which I haven’t read yet). I also picked up the new Miss Marvel (which I am enjoying greatly).

Mother’s Day is almost literally around the corner. It’s this Sunday, to be exact. Something I’ve learned over the four years I’ve spent at my job: people love to get bagels for their mom. As I won’t talk to you guys until Monday, I wish you all a good Mother’s Day. Maybe by then, I’ll have more KoB related stuff to blether about.

*looks back up at title*…I have the weirdest post titles.


The Perfect Day for Zooing Around

Honestly, today has been a really good day.

I woke up with a bad headache and a puddle of dog piss on the kitchen floor. Played Skyrim for a bit before heading out. Today, a friend of mine and I were taking a trip up to the zoo. We honestly could not have planned it out more perfectly if we tried. When we got there, the field trips were all leaving, so we missed the heavy crowd. It was nice and cool, and we even made it in time for the animals to be fed. The only thing that went wrong was that both of my camera memory cards ran out of space, so I was forced to use my phone. I’m waiting for the photos to upload to OneDrive, so you guys might not see those till Moonday. However, the ones I managed to pull off of my memory card, I can show to you now.


I love this photo. He just looks like he’s smiling for me. Couldn’t get a shot of the white-furred female, though. She decided to hide on me. This is Niax’s favorite picture, too.


I caught this one at the perfect opportunity. He had his tail spread wide open for me. His plumage was simply divine.

IMG_0029 (2)

Feeding time! I got to see the zoo keeper throw apple slices into the pen. The raised hoof is a little blurry, but I loved that I managed to get the shot.


This wasn’t at the zoo, but I thought I’d show this picture anyways. My dad and I were at a local state park, and I nearly stepped on this snake. It’s just a cute little garden snake, but it still surprised me. I got a few shots of it, but this one is my favorite. I love how it all looks.

Screenshot (34)

Last one, I promise. I was looking through my OneDrive files earlier. OneDrive automatically sorts your photos into categories. For me, because I take so many pictures of Annabelle, one of them is “#Cat”. I click on it to see what exactly is in there, and, well…one of these things doesn’t belong. The “cat” encircled in red is actually a dog. I guess OneDrive is confused when it comes to animals, huh?

I’m supposed to be meeting a friend this Wednesday to see her one last time before she moves to Idaho. I’ll be sure to post more updates about Niax and I’s little D&D campaign. Between this, work, Skyrim, and my lack of sleep…I just want some solitude, y’know?

Either way, enjoy the weekend, guys! I’ll talk to you all on Moonday!


Getting There

Hey guys.

Today’s been pretty fair, so far. Working on some laundry, hanging out with a couple of people from work. My husband’s made us a nice drink that we decided to call “Te Fiti”, after the Goddess of Creation, according to the Polynesian islands. It has pineapple juice, some Svedka Strawberry Lemonade, Captain Morgan’s Pineapple Rum, and coconut rum. Very tasty.

Anyways, for those who saw my Tweets from last night, I have started work on Bonus Episode #3 from Arc 1. I’m excited to start work on the Bonus Episode.

I know this is short, but it’s all I really had for tonight. Last night was fun. Hopefully I can finish editing Episode #2 soon.


Moblie Post

Title is such because I’m typing this from my phone. I’m out and about right now, going shopping and such.

More lucid dreams happened this past “weekend” of mine. Nothing too disturbing (more *ahem* saucy than anything else).

Alongside editing, I’ve pulled out some KoB snippets I started a long while ago and started working on them again. Mostly alternate endings and such (KoB has plenty of alternate episode/series ending that I haven’t even written down). They’re not technically cannon, but they’re good to work on when I’m stuck.

Anyways, I don’t have too much more to say, except enjoy your weekend, everybody! I’ll see you all on Monday!


Gray Skies and Storms About

Happy Friday.

For those of you who joined my stream (if only briefly) on Wednesday night, then thanks for popping by. I managed to survive the dreadful slog that is the tutorial and logged a decent four hours or so into the game after that.

The end of March is already here. This month sure did fly by fast. Then again, when looking forward to something that’s gonna be coming out at the end of said month, then I really shouldn’t be surprised it went by so fast.

It was an…okay month. Kingdom Hearts came out, and I got to see the new Power Rangers movie, so hey, that’s a plus. I finished Ep#10’s editing and started back at Ep#1. Not as much drawing as I wanted to do this month, but I have added a fair number of songs for my inspiration playlist for Keepers of Balance.

My plans for next month: Start getting back into shape (physically), for one. I’m really hoping the nice weather will hit us sometime soon. It’ll make things more busy and stressful at work, but in the long run, that’ll mean more tips, more hours, and more money (though am I truly happy about this? No. Should I be complaining? No.) Hopefully I’ll be able to get out more to take more photographs (there’s a few national parks in Michigan that I’ve yet to visit). I want to get more lore done and proceed editing episodes for KoB. I’m also gonna keep up my search for a content editor as well. There are also bonus episodes I need to edit and work on (one of them takes place in Salem. I bet you guys can’t figure out what’s gonna go down there~).

What I’m not looking forward to this month: the Passover/Easter holidays. Easter is one of our busiest holidays of the year. I would love to take Easter off, if I could…but at the same time, tips during that day are FUCKING AWESOME, so it might be in my benefit to suck it up and work it anyways. I may complain a lot, but in the end, I suck it up and keep going (though lately, I’ve been trying to have a better attitude about it…). I’m also not looking forward to one other thing: we’re hiring at the shop. I suspect someone might be getting canned, but at the same time, I doubt it. Either way, with the weather getting more tolerable (though, more gray and wet), and the Easter holidays descending upon us like a swarm of rabid Easter Bunnies, training a new person is gonna be a whole new kind of hell within itself. I just hope they can handle the pressure, and not up and quit on us after a week (that’s happened several times before).

Either way, I’ll will hopefully see everyone next month! Enjoy the last day of March, guys. 2017 has been rough so far (and our “President” isn’t making things easier for many of us), but there’s still plenty of year left!