EDIT: Well, talk about bad timing. This was supposed to be up the night of Friday, October 6th, 2017, but my lovely Surface Pro 3 ran out of battery as I was cooking dinner and typing this post out. Thankfully, WordPress saved the draft that I was working on, so hooray!

Well, my weekend was busier than I expected. Didn’t help that we had a cleaning crew arrive and I think the chemicals did something to my throat. Been feeling iffy all day.

Anyways, I want to talk briefly about what’s new with KoB.

I’ve decided that the Keepers needed another antagonist of sorts, aside from the main one, Break. One that is a little more reoccurring…and one that would add some levity to the the risks and consequences Ian and Rach could face, if they were ever outed as traveling magical warriors.

The Keeper Order has always been kept a secret for a few reasons: one of which is that they feel that it would be unsafe for the general populace if word had gotten out about their existence. Any sightings of them have been dissolved into local folklore–about the Warriors of Nature. It was also for personal and political safety. It’s not too different in the modern world, especially given humanity’s obsession to see anything different or things they don’t understand as “wrong”. Keepers of either period could’ve been locked up. Some were afraid of the power they held, and outlawed the Keepers altogether…meaning that if anyone found out that you were a Keeper in a Keeper-banned city…it would be a death sentence. In modern day, the sentence won’t be death…however, things such as property damage, breaking and entering, interfering with investigations, and others. While they’re doing it for the greater good, you know how people feel about vigilantes.

So, if Ian, Rachael, and even Oracle, were ever exposed to the public, a lot of governments, especially Interpol, would come down on not just themselves…but also their family. Break is so focused on destroying Ian and Rach because he views them as the only legitimate threat to his master plan of dissolving the world, then reshaping it in his own vision. However, the threat this new character(s) of mine will pose a more personal threat to our modern Keepers. And if Break catches wind of this…he might decide to do nothing about it, because it might help him in some way. Then again, he may not. I haven’t worked out the fine details.

Since I am 100% sure I want these two ladies in my conflict, I’ll tell you a little about them both now.

She wanted nothing more than to be a journalist. She aims to gather “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth”. Her desperation to go to any lengths to gather the truth may lead her down to paths less favorable.

She’s a more quieter force, but still just as formidable. When a camera is in her hands, she’s never felt more alive.

I have a third, but I’m not sure if I want to include him, yet. But I feel like this will be a good way to bring the conflict to Ian and Rach in a more personal way.



Log Date: 7/4/17

Happy 4th of July, everyone! Even though the Declaration of Independence wasn’t signed until August 2nd, still, take this day to enjoy our freedom or whatever!

Today’s been a good day. I grilled steak, ribs, corn, potatoes, and green beans. All of which turned out really good (though, I had to throw the potatoes in the oven for a bit).

I wasn’t entirely idle today, though. I decided to switch Episodes 2 and 3 around. Since Episode #2 had higher stakes than Episode #3, I decided that the plot and story should be switched. This means, of course, a lot more editing for me.

Aside from those major changes, not much else to say. I hope you all enjoyed the holiday–and I hope none of you had any freak accidents with fireworks! Seriously, if you guys do…then make sure you get it on camera and send it to me, okay?

(No, seriously guys…be safe)



Last night, I had a major epiphany.

I was up really late last night, thinking about story elements for Keepers of Balance, and my possible upcoming college courses. I’m eager to soak up all of the knowledge that they will offer me, and apply those lessons to KoB. This led me to making an important decision that I probably should of thought of ages ago:

I will NOT try to publish Keepers of Balance until I’ve completed my degree at Full Sail University (or whatever school I choose).

I’ve thought this over a lot, and once I decided to take this vow, I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my chest. With that out of the way, I have to make another announcement that I think will be better if I put it like this:

  • Arc 1: Awakening = 15 Episodes
  • Arc 2: Pursuit = 15 Episodes
  • Arc 3: Equilibrium = 20 Episodes
  • Final Episode Count: 50 Episodes

Yep, you’re seeing this right. After a lot of thought (and slight loopiness from the lack of sleep), I decided that 30 Episodes just wasn’t enough to build proper character development (especially building the relationship between the characters), and the more I thought about it, the more ideas that started flashing by inside my mind. Plus, some of the Bonus Episodes I had planned seemed to do much better as regular Episodes, giving me more to play with and mold. I still want to have some extra content, but they will probably just be random one-shots either going into a character’s past or a a day in the life of Ian and Rach. This means now…now, Arc 1 isn’t complete anymore, and I’ve got a lot of work to do, changing episode numbers and the like. I feel daunted, but I think this will work out for the best.

Always remember: Everything works out in the end. If it not, then it’s not the end yet.



KoB Awakening: What it is, and how it works (also, some news, too)

Good evening everybody! Just a bit of a warning, this will be a LONG post. I have a lot of information about certain aspects of the “Awakening” process: the process which humans go through to become Keepers and obtain their powers. Afterwards, I’ll tell you guys about some upcoming plans for the next week.


In order for individuals to become Keepers, they have to have to have a series of qualities and meet a set of requirements even BEFORE they meet their partner (as Keepers can’t fully awaken on their own). The requirements aren’t only restricted to physical aspects, as Keepers have better healing abilities and become naturally fit as they harness their powers. More so, they’re based on qualities that rest within the person’s mind, spirit, and personality. It’s difficult to explain, due to a number of factors ranging from the different experiences, the little evidence that remains today, and the metaphysical and magical influences that hang around the entire process. Even though many people recorded having similar waking experiences, due to their bodies and spirits working to become accosted to their hosts, the “Awakening Dream” has been vastly different for everybody. Because of the two different stages, they have been divided into the Waking Stage and the Dream Stage. This post and Friday’s post will contain information about the Waking Stage. The Dream Stage will hopefully be next week (yaaayy, more research).

During the times when the Keeper(s) is/are awake, their bodies and behaviors are affected the most, as the body begins to make rapid changes to prepare the Keeper(s) to house and harness the effects of their elements. What happens and how it affects the Keeper(s) in question varies and differs depending on Elements granted to them. Same goes for their behavior. Their preferences and tastes may start changing—sometimes rapidly—to match their Elements. As such, it’s easier to divide this into Elements, and then to list what happens physically and mentally when a Keeper is Awakening with that Element. Keep in mind that because Keepers control three Elements (Light or Darkness, and then two Core/Sub Elements), the changes and behaviors vary greatly due to the combination of the Elements and their qualities, as well as the individual Keeper’s personality itself.

  1. Light:
    • Physical: Not much physical changes happen when Awakening with Light and Darkness, but some changes still happen. Depending on the Keeper’s personal habits, their skin my either grow darker or lighter. If the Keeper is active outdoors a lot, their skin will take on a tanner color. On the opposite side of the spectrum, if they spend most of their time indoors, their skin will become paler, and take on a lighter color. However, no matter which way their skin goes, their skin will begin to adapt a “glow” of sorts, and their hair will become shiner as well. If they are in the full light of their preferred source of light (more covered in Behavioral), they will seem to glow, shimmer, or sometimes even shine, in both a physical and literal sense. Their eyesight will increase exponentially, with some going from needing glasses, to having near perfect eyesight over the course of their Awakening (yet, keep in mind, this is not true of all Light Keepers. Rachael Haile and the Original Keeper of Light still needed their glasses to maintain that near-perfect sight to begin with).
    • Behavioral: During their Awakening, they will start to become more emotional and open, making them slightly more vulnerable to emotional probing. However, they could also become colder as well, shining their Light bright enough to hide their true feelings and emotions. Their sense of justice, generosity, and truth will increase, as a slight will to nurture starts to grow. They can, however, turn slightly more judgmental, even cold and harsh. During their Awakening, they will literally crave to be basked in some sort of light at all times, regardless of the kind and source. It was rumored that all Light Keepers had a “Preferred Light Source” they liked to work with, as most Light Keepers would prefer to bask in one sort of Light or other, despite getting power and comfort from all sources. The sources were mainly the Sun, Moon, Stars, even firelight seemed to calm even the most fidgety Keeper down. Even artificial light or simple candlelight was enough to serve as someone’s preferred Light Source. It was said that they were in the full light of their source, they would almost adapt a physical glow or shine, and their energy and metaphysical state in general would be noticeably improved. They also became more drawn to shiny objects and brighter colors. Window decorations in particular would become frequent, as well as window crystals, which shone beams of rainbow lights all around the Keeper’s room.
  2. Darkness:
    • Physical: As with Light, not much physical changed occur, with a few minor exceptions. Much like with Light, the skin tone may change depending on if the Keeper in question spends more time indoors or outdoors. Instead of hair growing lighter/shiner like their lighter counterparts, the hair may grow a shade or two darker. For some Keeper, their eyesight may lessen in quality…but their other senses (touch, taste, hearing, smell, energy) may increase dramatically. This is not true for all Keepers, but the lowering in eyesight is very common amongst all Dark Keepers. They are also quite good at stealth, due to their preference to be unseen.
    • Behavioral: During their Awakening, they may grow a little more quiet and reserved, even distant. They would become more elusive, most likely either secluding themselves…or spending more amount of time than usual with their Awakening Light Keeper. They will begin to have harsh reactions to bright/sudden sources and flashes of light (and for some, sound), and would prefer being kept in dimly-lit and dark places for their Awakening. Keeping heavy, dark curtains on hand is a must, when dealing with the Awakening of a Dark Keeper.
  • Fire:
    • Physical: Those who Awaken with a gift for controlling Fire will start to become slimmer in build, yet some muscles will start to become more prominent, because of their aggressive and active nature. They may become stocky, maybe even a little bulky (fire can come in many sizes) Fire Keepers are known for being aggressive and impulsive (more on this in Behavioral), and their stance will often reflect this. Their reaction times and reflexes increase (though, not as much as an Air Keeper’s would). Depending on the person, eyesight may improve. Their strikes will often be aggressive and quick, aiming to overpower and destroy their opponent.
    • Behavioral: They will often become aggressive and abrasive. They will be at their most aggressive during their Awakening (the lack of proper sleep won’t help with this—even the most violent of flames need rest). Fire Keepers are known for being protective in a rather aggressive way, so during their Awakening, they will become more protective than usual over their friends and loved ones—especially the Keeper they’re Awakening with. They might prefer warm—if not hot—temperatures and environments. However, something that all Fire Keepers go through is a sudden fever that will tear through the body, as if they have caught an infection or illness. The process is worse for some other than others. For example, Rachael Haile had a very high fever of 103 degrees Fahrenheit (about 40 degrees Celsius). The Original Keeper of Darkness (who also controlled Fire), only had a fever of 98 degrees Fahrenheit (about 37 degrees Celsius), and didn’t feel as much pain as Rachael did. Also, he preferred to be kept in hotter temperatures. Rachael wanted to seek relief from the fever, and kept her room a little darker and colder.
  1. Water:
    • Physical: Thin. Flexible. A person who Awakens with the gift of water will grow slimmer—even losing some weight in the process. Their speed may or may not increase (rushing tides), but they will become more flexible. Their movements may become more precise and honed. Their hair may grow longer, and may become more flowing, even curly. Their movements will often be graceful, despite being a touch slow.
    • Behavioral: They will crave knowledge, and peace. If not staying by the side of their partner Keeper, they will prefer to be either alone (like a thin stream), or in a group of other Water Keepers (the roaring waterfall). They will want to be around/in water at nearly all times—taking numerous baths and showers, and hanging around or swimming in large bodies of water. They will be cool, and quick to respond. Their patience will increase, usually finding a tolerance for what they didn’t like previously. They will usually start to act more diplomatic. It’s also been documented that they will drink a lot more water than they usually would, to help their bodies adapt (a little less than double of the amount of what adults should consume…but once the Awakening process is over, the over-consumption of water will not be needed or desired).
  2. Earth:
    • Physical: The form will become more stocky and bulky. Due to the Behavioral patterns of the Earth Keepers, they will become one of the most fit out of all the Keepers. Their muscles will take in a much vitamins and protein as they can, and the body will begin to crave more substance (the cravings will match the diet that individual Keepers will have—i.e. vegetarians will crave more nuts and such, while those okay with meat will crave, well, more meat. Dairy products also apply). Their bones will also harden as well.
    • Behavioral: They will not like traveling at all during their Awakening. They would prefer to stay stable and still during their Awakening. They will also become patient as well, and will seek to exert as little energy as possible (meaning that sleeping and napping might be a must for some). They have an affixation for mountains, plateaus, and hills…and may desire to climb them, just so they can feel the stones and rocks beneath them. They will desire to spend more time outside, rather than cooped up inside. They will become quiet, but also firm—if not stubborn. They will also become quick to defend anyone they care about—especially their partner Keeper. They may become slightly carefree, and even move a little slow. They may also gain a fear of heights.
  3. Air:
    • Physical: Thin and agile. That’s the name of the game. They have quicker reflexes than the rest. They are also amongst the fastest. They can either move silently, or can rustle up a storm to announce their presence. They may adapt a slimmer frame. Their movements may become quicker, and a little bit impulsive. Their hair may grow longer, and more “windswept”, or out of control. They will be able to move faster
    • Behavioral: Closed windows are heavily advised against. During Awakening, their desire to feel the wind is heightened more so than ever. They also might become impatient, and may begin to speak quickly. They can be lax and carefree, but can also be distant and harsh. However, they are literally the quickest to defend and protect those closest to them, and can use their wit to defend someone they hold dear. They will despise being still, and will desire to move about.

I will cover the Sub Elements (Metal, Lightning, Ice, and Wood, as well as Corruption) this Friday. But to summarize: the Awaking process is different for nearly every Keeper. For example: Rachael Haile’s Awakening included a desire to feel the wind against her skin and a high fever, and Ian Hawthorne wanted to spend as much time in the water as possible (to give away more details may/may not be a spoiler). The type of Elements a person will attract is determined on a number of factors (with personality taking the priority factor). The Waking Stage is one of the most difficult stages to go through, and the Dream Stage usually begins shortly after the waking symptoms occur. For some Keepers, it happens gradually–sometimes longer than a couple of weeks or so. For others (in the case of Ian and Rachael), it happens within a matter of day. No matter the course of time, it’s still an intense process. Trying to separate two Keepers Awakening together is highly advised against.

I want to take this moment to answer a question I’ve gotten a lot: why can’t one Keeper Awaken on their own?

My answer is simple: it takes more than one person to make up a balance of any kind. Light must always find Darkness, and vice versa. I have always held the belief that absolute power corrupts absolutely, and that one person who be able to have more power that they can handle. This keeps the balance of powers in check.

Another question I’ve pondered is the bond between paired Keepers. That bond is for life. Now, that’s not to say that if one Keeper dies, that A) they die with them (unless they commit suicide or something like that), B) they will lose their powers, and C) they can’t be paired up with other “single” Keepers. Also, not all partner Keepers end up falling in love and marrying one another (though, it’s not uncommon), but they will still be close friends and sworn “sword-siblings” for life.

And so far, that’s all I have ready to show you guys. I wanna be able to give out more Keeper Lore and such over the next couple of weeks (though, I want to come up with something a little more special for “Keeper Month”. I’ve been working on this for five years, so is it unreasonable that I want to do something special?). I’ll complete the Waking Stages for the Sub Elements and hopefully have that up on Friday. Tonight, I have a bit on my plate (mostly more research), but I’m okay with that. Maybe tonight, I’ll hop onto Twitch for a moment and stream something small and stupid to relax before getting back to it.

SPEAKING OF STREAMING: I do have enough money to pre-order the Kingdom Hearts remastered editions for the PS4. I plan on doing that tomorrow. The game comes out this Tuesday. I will pick it up either the day it comes out, or the day after. The stream will happen Wednesday night, at around 9-10pm EST. Spoilers and major fan-girling will ensue. I plan for it to be a long stream. Booze will be involved, as well as spoilers. I will be playing Critical Mode, and will go through as much as I can without skipping cut-scenes. *realizes what the KHII’s prologue and tutorial is*

…Okay, I might be at my most frustrated during the prologue. If any of you have played Kingdom Hearts II before, you guys will know exactly what I’m taking about. It’s…it’s a drag. Just a warning. There might be rage. There might be feels. There will be nostalgia. Please join me. It would be amazing to share my love for this game in the way I have always wanted to.

Before I go, I want to gush for a moment: I’m at a little over three-hundred followers, and am merely sixty views (or so) away from 1,000 views! I want to think everyone who followed, or even glanced at my blog. You all are 100% awesome. When my books get published, I for sure want to put in a special thanks to everybody who has followed and supported me…because you all are wonderful~