Automobile Aftermath

First things first: I’m fine. Niax is fine. Isura is fine. Annabelle is fine. We’re all fine.

…Well, fine in the sense that there are no major or severe physical injures. Mental, however…well, for me, that’s an entirely different story.

Here’s what happened: we had just left the house after setting off the bug bombs. We were traveling down the main road. When we got to a stoplight at an intersection, our light was green. Isura (who was the one driving) looked down for just a second to reach for a drink. Niax (who was in the passenger seat) was as well. I was sitting in the back seat, reading a novel off my phone and keeping an eye on Annabelle, who was in his carrier.

Suddenly, I heard Niax violently shout Isura’s name. Isura gave a started cry. Honking. Screeching.

Then a loud CRASH!!

All I saw was white. I was tossed in my seat, being yanked back and forth between my seat and seat belt. I could hear the airbags go off. Annabelle’s carrier was tipped on its side, wedged in between the seat and the back of Isura’s seat.

Then, everything was still for a moment.

I am kind of ashamed to admit that I instantly started to panic. Memories from another car accident I was in when I was a kid started rushing to the surface. I began to feel very trapped. I scrambled out of the car, my adrenaline and anxiety picking up to full speed. I ran to the front seat to check on Niax. The airbag punched Niax in the eye. It was all swollen and he could barely open it. The seat belt scraped against his skin pretty good, too. Annabelle was crying in the back seat. I unloaded the cat and helped Niax out of the car.

God, Isura’s car was a mess. The front bumper was completely knocked off. The hood was crumpled, and a piece of the other car got stuck in the windshield wiper fluid tank.

What I think happened (according to Isura anyways) was this: we had a green light approaching the intersection. He kept going. When he heard Niax shout, he snapped his head back up. The woman we hit had sharply turned in front of us. It was very close to becoming a “T-bone” accident.

As for me, well…I walked away with minor seat belt burn, but really sore and painful back and shoulders, as well as PTSD I haven’t had to deal with for several years now. I can still hear the screech and the crash. I’ve been in so much pain over the past 24 hours from the swelling that I could barely move. Hopefully the swelling will go down tomorrow to the point where I can actually work efficiently.

Anyways, obviously, I couldn’t get much writing done. The car accident yesterday kinda messed up a lot of our plans. And on top of that, we’ve been taking turns doing massive loads of laundry and we’ve started tackling the rooms one-by-one. I also need to take Annabelle to get a professional flea bath. I don’t think the shampoo I got for him is very good.

Anyways, I just wanted to throw out a quick update as to how I’m doing. I’ll talk to you guys after the weekend. Stay safe, everybody.