Match Made

Ahhhhh!!! It happened! As of today, my dad is a remarried man!

Seriously, I can’t can’t help but gush about how happy I am for him and my new step-mom!

It was a very small ceremony. Not more than ten or so people showed up. But it was a very sweet one (I got a little teary-eyed curing the vows). I got to be the ring bearer. They also really like the wedding gift me and Niax gave them. We got them one of the wax-melting scent thingies. I knew they would like the design of the warmer itself, but I was a little bit more worried about the scents. However, they seemed to like them all.

Other than today, this week hasn’t been too exciting for me. Lately, I’ve mostly just been looking forward to today and my husband and I’s anniversary. Just gotta hang in there for a while longer.