I mean, seriously, what am I supposed to NAME this thing?

The massive heat wave continues. My obsession with Gravity Falls continues. More of this, at 11pm.

…Let’s pretend 11pm is right now. Sorry for the bad “joke”. I’m actually really excited. I completed my FAFSA today, and was on the phone with my Admissions Advisor learning about the student portal and stuff like that (online courses, remember?). I’m only two steps away from being enrolled. I planned to start in November, but I might bump it up to September or August. It all depends on whatever “financial aid” I get. I’m not smart/talented enough for scholarships, but there are other options.

Also, I’m really enjoying Gravity Falls. It’s a charming show, fulled with mystery to boot. Also, a beautiful art style. Sometimes, it almost feels as if it’s a satire of mystery shows–which is something else I heavily appreciate. I DID watch the seasons in reverse (there’s only two seasons, sadly), so I’m currently making my way through Season 1 (the series finale gave me feels). It’s also a nice change of pace for me.

Alsoooo….I’m getting something awesome in the mail, soon~ I want to show that off, but for now, I’ll show you guys these! (These pics are quite unrelated from the awesome thing I’m getting in the mail)



I hate bees. However, I couldn’t walk away from a shot like this. I crept in close, and got a few good shots of him collecting pollen. These two are my favorites. My phone (dubbed “PalmPower”. Yes, I name EVERYTHING. I’m weird) takes oddly good pictures.


It’s June, the month of very colorful (but mostly pink) flowers. I came across this a week or so ago while walking to the store. I felt sorry for not taking a picture of it when I had the chance. I was out again today, and I saw that it was still in full bloom. I didn’t want to miss this chance.


How much is that kitty in the window?
I wonder if he is for saaaale?!~



Okay, okay, this is the last one. It’s been so hot, that all that Annabelle (that #CatLog in the window (who is not for sale)) and Dylan (Doggo that belongs to Niax who is forever trapped in a cone) have been doing is wandering around and “melting” (laying in limp, semi-flat positions on the floor/dryer) on various spots on the floor.

…and dryer. But also, it really sucks if your microwave decides to die on you and you have to use the oven/stove to heat up your food.

Anyways, enjoy! And stay cool!


What’s in a Surname?

Happy Tuesday.

I hope you guys had a good Memorial Day (and Memorial Day Weekend). I’ve been feeling better since Saturday and Sunday, but still a little congested. Throat still feels a little raw, too. Yesterday, my husband grilled some burgers. They came out almost perfectly.

Not too much for me to say today. Still interchanging work between the third Episode and the third Bonus Episode, trying to spread the work between them evenly. I’ve also been thinking a lot about the Original Keepers of Balance, and how they met/got their powers/etc. For a long time, the Original Keepers of Light and Darkness had no surnames or last names. I’m horrible at coming up with fitting names at times. A lot of the time, I try to interject some meaning into their names. Other times, I just think the name sounds cool, and then I go from there. When working with foreign, fantasy names, I usually try translating a bunch of words that represent that character’s traits or roles, then try to find a fitting anagram. Or, I use a name generator, get a good list of names, and then try to look up the meaning of the names I picked, and try to pick my favorites from there.

Finally, I have found fitting surnames for the Originals that will do for the time being. Who knows? Maybe the names will be permanent. So from now on, when I’m talking about the Original Keepers of Balance, I will refer them to their surnames, to make things easier:

  • Friaggi: Original Keeper of Light
  • McGill: Original Keeper of Darkness

Again, this is subject to change. “Friaggi” is an anagram of the German word for “peace” (frieden) and the Italian word for “travel” (viaggi). McGill means “son of the foreigner”, deriving from the Gaelic word “gall” (foreigner).

Now that I have the whole surname debate out of the way, I can finally piece together a decent backstory for these two! Yes!


How can I come up with a title for this one?

I just wanna open up by saying that what happened in Manchester on Monday night was a tragedy. I woke up this morning to my Twitter feed blowing up about a group of missing kids and teens in Manchester. I found out what happened shortly afterwards. I’ve been following the news all day.

What sickens me most about this is that some sick fucks have taken to social media to celebrate this terrible event. The youngest killed by the blast was an eight-year-old little girl.

I’m enraged by this senseless act of violence. They’re trying to instill fear in not just Manchester and the UK, but also worldwide. I don’t think it worked. People are, indeed, scared (hell, the UK raised it’s threat level from severe to critical), but that’s only inspiring them to stand together, to stand up stronger and higher than before. And before you ask “Why do you care? You don’t know anyone in Manchester. You weren’t there. It’s happening to them, not you. You can’t even do anything to help. Why are you getting so worked up about this?”

Because, at the end of the day, it effects all of us–regardless if it does directly or not. Attacks like this have been on a sharp increase for years. You never know where they could strike next. USA? Australia? Canada? Regardless of the aftermath, these sick ISIS fucks are growing bolder and bolder, and are gathering more people for their cause. And this is something that should not be tolerated. We as the people of this shithole of a world should not tolerate this act of violence. There may not be much we can actively do, but we all must remain vigilant. If they seek to divide us…then let’s become stronger than adamantium, vibranium, titanium, and druidaium, and show those fucks that we will NOT be sent packing scared!!!

*breathes deeply* Now that that is off of my chest, I might as well talk a little bit about KoB.

I had an idea for an interaction between Ian and Rachael that’s supposed to happen in Arc 3. It kinda stuck itself into my mind, and I’ve been working it out. I’ve also been working on the third Bns.Ep. of Arc 1. And since Mother’s Day has passed, I’m feeling ready to edit Episode #3 soon. I was also going over the cover pages I have for the Episodes so far. Do you guys wanna know a good trick for making something look cool, yet at the same time, slightly lessen your artistic workload? Silhouettes. They are simple, but can look dynamic, and portray a powerful feeling. I was thinking about taking this approach for all of the KoB Episode covers.

I’ve been dabbling a little bit in Fallout 4. It’s okay, just not my cup of tea. I’m not a huge fan of post-apocalyptic themes, and to be honest, I don’t like how Fallout 4 looks. Too depressing, which I get is the point…but honestly, the bright, natural colors and sets of Skyrim just appeal to me more. As “amateur-ish” this is of me, I’ve been writing fanfic relating to my own past adventures in Skyrim. It just helps me keep writing in general.


Fried Tidbits

Tonight’s meal: fried mac-and-cheese bits. I’m eager to see how they turn out.

Sorry for my missed post yesterday. On Mondays, after work, I usually head to a local bar for something to eat. This Monday, I brought my Surface with me and got a chunk of the third Bonus Episode of Arc 1 done. It’s only the beginning, bur so far, I’m satisfied with it. I ended up losing track of time and got home pretty late. My husband was feeling unwell, so I kept an eye on him. By the time 9:30pm hit, his migraine had gotten worse, and he was even running a slight fever, so we both went to bed.

I have a D&D meet this Wednesday, so I’ll probably move my late night to Thursday. Now that Mother’s Day is behind me, I can move forward with zeal.

In June, my husband and I are going down to Tennessee to spend time with my family. He’s never met my paternal side of the family before, so we’re both nervous and excited. After we get back…things are gonna change drastically. I won’t say here, so you guys are just gonna have to wait.

I’ve also been thinking about changing my publishing schedule to Tuesdays, Thursdays, and either Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays. One of the things that helps me with the creative flow is change, and a change in blog uploads would help. Then again…it all depends on what happens in June/July.


Goddamnit, not again…This is starting to become a bad habit of mine. Let’s see if I can get back on track, shall we?

I am very close to completing the editing for Episode #2. I only have about 20 or so more pages till the end of the Episode. I don’t have too much more research to do for Bonus Episode #3–just confirming dates and such. I’m thinking about editing Bonus Episodes #1 & #2 before editing the rest of the Arc so I can publish them here to tide you guys over (and make up for the lack of interesting content). Not sure if I’m gonna do an All-Nighter, yet. Playing this one by ear.

My buddy and I are still setting up the D&D stream. We just got done making our characters and we’re working on equipment. There’s a few more things we gotta do for our characters, but more or less, they’re established.

I’m starting to get into a Skyrim kick again, so I’ll probably be playing in my downtime. If I do have an All-Nighter tomorrow, I’ll probably kick out a short stream of Skyrim to de-stress before I start.

Also, I have a confession: I actually have a copy of the popular indie game, Undertale. It was given as a gift to me some time ago, and sadly, I haven’t gotten the chance to fire it up, yet. I don’t know too much about the game itself, however, I am in love with the game’s music, which has been remixed and remastered by several other people. My favorite is Spider Dance, by GameChomps & Holder. LISTEN TO IT. LISTEN TO IT NOW.

I plan on using this to my advantage. I’ve been getting a craving to play it, but I also wanna stream it and record my reactions to the game. I think I can get it to work on the Surface, and with OBS Studio (provided by the same guy who gave me Undertale) and my built-in webcam, I think it might be a fun stream. I don’t have everything 100% planned out, yet, but when I’m certain I have the time, I’ll let you guys know via here and Twitter.

The weather’s been getting better and better up here. Hopefully the rain stay away for a bit. My husband and I wanna have a picnic soon. Enjoy the fact that Spring has Sprung! And before I forget: Happy Belated Easter!!


15th Tuesday

First off, I’m really sorry about missing yesterday’s post. It totally slipped my mind yesterday that it was Monday (the weekend was kinda hell).

For those of you who follow me on Twitter (which you guys really should), you all will know that I picked up Kingdom Hearts I.5 and II.5 on the Playstation 4 last night. I’m super excited to play Kingdom Hearts II for you all tomorrow! In case you all forgot, My stream will be starting over on Twitch at around 9-10pm EDT (that’s 8-9pm CDT, and 6-7pm PDT). I’m going to be installing the game today and make sure everything’s running smoothly for the stream tomorrow. I’ll put up a Tweet about half-an-hour to an hour before I start, with a link to the stream. Since tomorrow’s Wednesday, I’ll also put up a small update on tomorrow’s post with the link when I go live. I really hope to see you there!

The reason why I’ve titled this post as such is because today is the 15th Anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts franchise! Happy birthday, guys!

Sadly today’s post is gonna be a short one. Due to my forgetfulness, I didn’t have too much time to plan anything out to actually show you. All I have is a small tidbit about Awakening Dreams, so I’m gonna go ahead and actually show you guys a tidbit of that:

Dream Stage:

This is the most difficult stage to keep track of, because it’s so different for a vast amount of people. During their Awakening, the Keeper will begin to have strange dreams. In the Keeperverse, when one dreams during their Awakening, they are actually getting closer and closer to the Leylines. This is the way the metaphysical self gets acquainted with them, so diving into them via meditation or sleep becomes easier and less strenuous. This will cause the Keeper to feel a little more tired than usual, as most often than not, they will not sleep well during this time. The final dream (known as the Awakening Dream) is the last step before a person is awakened anew to become a full-fledged Keeper. The Awakening Dream will take the Keeper through their inner self, obtaining their powers and weapons during the journey. At the end, they have to fight and conquer their own inner demons. Keepers who are Awakening together will have the dream at the same time, finally meeting up in the end to help each other fend off their Natural Corruption residing within. It’s easy to tell when it’s time for the Dream to happen: both Keepers will fall asleep simultaneously on the spot. When they wake up, they will feel completely refreshed and renewed, and will be able to access their powers and weapons from that point on.

I still have to put down how personal symbols, experiences, and memories all play a factor in the dreams, but this is what I’ve got so far. It’s not much, but the Dream Stage is a little more self-explanatory than I imagined. I do tend to complicate things a little too much, though, so if any of this sounds over complicated (and by this, I mean the entire lore of the Keeperverse), then I’d appreciate it if someone would let me know.

Before I go, I should let you guys know of the one and only thing that may stop my stream tomorrow: I’ve been feeling kinda…ill, I guess, all day. I laid down and after I got up, I’m feeling a little better. I’m just gonna try to hydrate and see how I feel tomorrow.

I hope you all had a good day yesterday and today, and I hope to see you all again tomorrow evening!