Still drained, but feeling more like myself.

A LGBTQ-Fest seems to be a good way of kicking off National Pride Month, huh?

Y’know, earlier today, I had this whole mini-speech planned out about how LGBTQ has affected not only my writing, but also my life as a whole. I was even gonna confess this blurb about the time I came out as bisexual to my mother. I wasn’t planning on closing today, but like with most weekends for the past several weeks, I ended up staying anyways.

Anyways, I was talking to some friends about the weird dreams I’ve been having ( and about how the the one about London NOT being safe seems to be coming true…), and Niax brought up a solution–one I can’t believe I’ve overlooked all this time. I needed a good chunk of malachite. If I remember correctly, malachite can be used for remembering dreams, and can help you stay grounded during those weird/trippy/vivid/lucid dreams. They can also help chase away nightmares. I’ll admit, I love going to my local Pride Fest because of the cool vendors and stands they have there. While out, I stopped at one of my favorite shops to get holistic stones, and asked if they had a large chunk of malachite available. I had already bought a bracelet of it from one of the vendors, but I needed a chunk to keep near me while I slept. A helpful clerk brought me over to a display case. They had malachite stones carved and cut into the shape of owls. There was this lovely one I saw that I really wanted…but it was priced at about $90 (USD). I saw one I liked almost as much for only $30, so I went for that one instead. Our bed has a window above it. Owls are one of my spirit animals. Currently, she’s sitting in the window above my bed. Since placing her there, I’ve felt better in general, and my quality of sleep has improved slightly.

Speaking of London…I’m actually quite devastated over the attacks in London. Like I’ve probably said before, I’ve considered it a second home, and if I were ever to give up my US citizenship, it would be one of the first places I would consider moving to (aside from New Zealand and Amsterdam). If I have any readers in London (or in the UK overseas in general), then I beg of you all: please stay safe. Things have been escalating more and more, and I fear the worst. I know the US is full of idiots (hell, there’s one in office right now. Still think it was a good idea to vote?), but I want at least some of you to know that I’m not the only one standing by your side. It’s a shame that only in times of tragedy we all come together like this…but I believe that this will only make, us as the world, stronger, and maybe someday, we can unite…without tragedy acting as the catalyst.

~With London I Stand~


How can I come up with a title for this one?

I just wanna open up by saying that what happened in Manchester on Monday night was a tragedy. I woke up this morning to my Twitter feed blowing up about a group of missing kids and teens in Manchester. I found out what happened shortly afterwards. I’ve been following the news all day.

What sickens me most about this is that some sick fucks have taken to social media to celebrate this terrible event. The youngest killed by the blast was an eight-year-old little girl.

I’m enraged by this senseless act of violence. They’re trying to instill fear in not just Manchester and the UK, but also worldwide. I don’t think it worked. People are, indeed, scared (hell, the UK raised it’s threat level from severe to critical), but that’s only inspiring them to stand together, to stand up stronger and higher than before. And before you ask “Why do you care? You don’t know anyone in Manchester. You weren’t there. It’s happening to them, not you. You can’t even do anything to help. Why are you getting so worked up about this?”

Because, at the end of the day, it effects all of us–regardless if it does directly or not. Attacks like this have been on a sharp increase for years. You never know where they could strike next. USA? Australia? Canada? Regardless of the aftermath, these sick ISIS fucks are growing bolder and bolder, and are gathering more people for their cause. And this is something that should not be tolerated. We as the people of this shithole of a world should not tolerate this act of violence. There may not be much we can actively do, but we all must remain vigilant. If they seek to divide us…then let’s become stronger than adamantium, vibranium, titanium, and druidaium, and show those fucks that we will NOT be sent packing scared!!!

*breathes deeply* Now that that is off of my chest, I might as well talk a little bit about KoB.

I had an idea for an interaction between Ian and Rachael that’s supposed to happen in Arc 3. It kinda stuck itself into my mind, and I’ve been working it out. I’ve also been working on the third Bns.Ep. of Arc 1. And since Mother’s Day has passed, I’m feeling ready to edit Episode #3 soon. I was also going over the cover pages I have for the Episodes so far. Do you guys wanna know a good trick for making something look cool, yet at the same time, slightly lessen your artistic workload? Silhouettes. They are simple, but can look dynamic, and portray a powerful feeling. I was thinking about taking this approach for all of the KoB Episode covers.

I’ve been dabbling a little bit in Fallout 4. It’s okay, just not my cup of tea. I’m not a huge fan of post-apocalyptic themes, and to be honest, I don’t like how Fallout 4 looks. Too depressing, which I get is the point…but honestly, the bright, natural colors and sets of Skyrim just appeal to me more. As “amateur-ish” this is of me, I’ve been writing fanfic relating to my own past adventures in Skyrim. It just helps me keep writing in general.