Getting it Back

This is gonna be a shorter post, mostly because I don’t really have too much to say, here.

I had the urge to read through and edit the new Episode #13 (used to be Episode #8). Between that, doing some reading (on the last of the Leverage novels I mentioned last time), and spending some time on other passing “projects”, I’ve gotten myself re-motivated to look back at Keepers of Balance. Episode #13 is honestly one of my favorite Episodes. I know I’ve gushed before, so I’ll try to avoid it for now, but it really captured what I wanted KoB to be like on an Episode-to-Episode basis.

Anyways, our time to bomb the house is coming very soon–hopefully this Thursday. So that means, depending on how the day goes, I might not get to a Thursday post this week. I’ll be sure to let you guys know on Friday what’s going on.

Anyways, regardless of what happens, I’ll talk to you all again on Friday.



Hoo boy what a night

Last night was a good night. Had a little too much, but I still had a great night. I finished the line work for the holiday picture, and even got some coloring done. Took a couple of screenshots while I was working, just to show some progress for today.



I was still doing other things while illustrating (mainly some editing for Episode #6, but I wasn’t really expecting to lay down the flat colors tonight.

I did wake up with a little hangover, though. Nothing too major or unbearable, but still kind of a pain.

Anyways, at work, around the holidays, our boss give everyone who works there a turkey. My husband brought ours home today, and I had the crazy and spontaneous idea to go ahead and throw it in the oven. Yes, it is possible to cook a turkey without defrosting it, but it does still take a while. It’s not even completely defrosted, but I can already smell the bird in the oven (I did turn up the heat a little higher than recommended, I’ll confess). Hopefully it turns out okay.

Anyways, I hope everyone has a good weekend, and if it’s snowing heavily in yo0ur area, then drive safe! And everyone enjoy the new Star Wars movie! If everything works out okay for me financially, I might be able to see it next week!


More Progress (I really suck at naming these posts…)

Happy Moonday, everyone. Just finished with the flat colors for Ep#5’s Bonus Illustration. Might not start on the shading/lighting tonight, but at least I’m about 2/3’s of the way done:


I need to brush up on my digital coloring skills, but I think I got the job done okay. The most annoying part was the “dream bubble”. Stupid fill bucket.

Also, as an artist, I must rant about one of my LEAST favorite things to color: I fucking hate coloring stones and metals. Especially stones. The base color usually takes me a long time to figure out, and if I’m coloring a stone such as white opal, which has all sorts of flecks of colors inside it, the it usually takes me a while longer to get the details down. Then there’s the shine and shadows, figuring out layer effects and layer opacities and–ugh! It’s just a really grating process. What sucks about this is that I kinda have to figure it out all over again. Yeaaahhh, I completed a reference illustration for the Keeper Necklaces last year, but the file got corrupted and I couldn’t recover it. Three days of work, trial and error, and research all down the shitter. Actually, that’s my next art project. Either that, or Episode #1’s cover art. I need to try to start working on episode covers soon, too.

Above is a reference sheet I threw together for the white opal and blue quartz Rachael’s necklace has. The tumbled white opal was what I used for a base–the super-polished opal is for the flecks of colors and a reference for how to blend them. I managed to dig up a couple of good images of blue quartz as well. I know I said in the past that I wanted to photograph my own reference images, however, white opal and blue quartz are the stones I actually don’t have physical access to, so until then, I’m forced to pull up Bing (and online stores that sell these gems/stones) and pull the images from there. Plus, with everything to disorganized at home right now, I don’t really have the space/lighting to take my own images.

Anyways, I’ll probably splice some layers together and get ready to do the shading/lighting effects. The line work is far from perfect, but I’m still really fond of it. The thing I’m kinda dreading on working on right now are the Keeper Necklaces. I can’t even find the original concept art page I had for them…and all paper copies of KoB concept art I keep in a large binder in clear plastic sleeves. I even have some art from nearly five years ago. Hopefully it’s just holed up in one of my sketchbooks.

(Also, poking fun at myself here), I hope you guys like the color blue, because I’ve come to notice that a lot of my illustrations have a lot of blue in them. Different shades, usually, but still a lot. I’ll have to come up with a challenge in the next six months or so to help me practice with that.)

I think I’ll alternate between editing Episode #6 and artwork for now. Trying not to burn myself out too much…I try not to let it show, but the cluster-fuck of stress, moving, work, and holidays is starting to get to me on a physical level. Let’s just say that last night, I woke up (around 2-3am) in a cold sweat and wanting to throw up. I made myself stay in bed, and the feeling went away after a while…but it made me doubly exhausted. I tried to sleep in late, but (and I shit you all not), after I laid back down after my 5am alarm, my cat (Annabelle) came up to me and started pawing me. At first, I thought he was trying to get comfortable and lay next to me, but when he wouldn’t stop after a while, I figured he was trying to get me up. Mostly because he wanted food. By Goddess, cats are annoying in the mornings.

Anyways, I realize you all probably have other things to do, so I’m gonna end it here. Gute Nacht, everyone. And bundle up, because baby, it’s cold outside~



Frustrations and Hopes

Ugh, these past several hours have been a little frustrating to be honest. Sadly, I didn’t get to do my all-nighter because I spotted an issue with the file of my Ep#5 Bns Illus that puzzled me and by that point, I didn’t have enough energy to deal with it. However, I’ve been working on it on and off throughout the day…as well as an addition to Episode #1 that I felt like should have been added ages ago. Anyways, down below is a screenshot of the illustration so far:

Screenshot (21).png

Either way, I guess now would be a decent time for me to explain how scared I am right now. We’re not guaranteed for the house we looked at yesterday, my credit’s not the best, I’m nowhere near being ready to publish the first volume of KoB by March, and due to my work and personal life obligations, I don’t think I will be, and…ugh, personal doubts included, I’m just scared. I know I’ll make it through…I have to…


Quick look at progress

Wow. Posting on a Thursday. Out of the norm for me, but whatever.

This morning got off to a rocky start. Our house viewing was delayed until noon today, so after playing a bit of Diablo 3 and eating, I decided to get to work on Ep#5’s Bonus Illustration before the viewing. It’s a nice place. A bit small, but still a nice place (loving the office that’s attached to the garage! Can’t wait to use it!). I managed to get the line work done, and I took a couple of screenshots while I was at it:


(With the ink sketch underneath it)


(About 50% of the digital lines finished–no fine details)


(Line work fully completed–fine details included)

By the end of today/this evening, I might have the colors done. Afterwards, I’ll get back to editing. Episode #6 is next up in que, and what good timing: It’s the first day of December! Meaning that I’m gonna be in the holiday spirit, and Episode #6 just happens to be an Episode that takes place during Yule/Christmas!